Friday, 5 February 2010

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Met Atika in JJ's Kenny Rogers on Wednesday. Oh my, she's so cute ^^ I was looking around for her, then she popped up hehe. Tagged by her.

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Tell me what annoys you the most; a little something about yourself

I'm not too sure what annoys me the most. I'm a very cheerful forgetful person *teehee* But I can put together what annoys me the most, which is irresponsible ppl.
Irresponsible ppl exists, at least in my life. I'm not saying that I am responsible. Idk whether I am or not (>.<)

I don't like when ppl say they dislike something but ended up doing it themselves.
Eg:"I don't like XX, XX gossips about me blah blah blah, you know what, XX is blahblah" 
I KNOW! These ppl do not realize that they themselves are doing what they do not like.

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..." The Bible is so true to me.

I blogged about for the sake of nangs nang?, many bloggers are facing the same thing, but it still is happening. I can't say I'm annoyed by for-the-sake-of-nangs-nang-ppl, even I did blogged about it, they don't even read it.

Having a down week. Sleepless nights. Doesn't sound like me right? Aaric and Mun Yan said that my blog is SO positive LOL? My guitar class was canceled even before I start any lessons. Why? My parents:"What for you learn so many instruments? What are you going to do with it?" So much for wanting Music to be a hobby/career etc. I don't know why there aren't any cello lessons around my area. Bla... even there is, so what? (>.<) I would like to hear:"Pls play (piano) more, you didn't practice enough" instead of "stop playing, do something else" My siblings will be very happy to trade ears with me. *bangs head*

Oh, I don't like when ppl ask anybody except me:"How's Kim doing?" when I'm there. You get what I mean? Why not just ask me? Who else other than myself and God knows me better? =.=
Down times reminds me about the "Up times". Thank God for Aunty Kok Moi, Kor Oon Ee and Wynne (I don't think I missed out anyone), I have the chance to serve and play piano my love in Children's Church. Not forgetting my family who make sure I'll be there for practice late or later, at least they send me rite? 
STILL working on my LG post. I sound so desperate huh? 

Blogging is therapeutic =)
"The Sun will come out tomorrow..."

Watching "Fame" tomorrow, wished my family could watch with me but, oh well, performing arts ain't their thing.

Oh yea, again, Taylor Swift ROCKS~! xD

I'm a human, I have flaws, I sin, I need God.