Friday, 5 February 2010

Why I Like It Longer

This is a story of a girl who longs to have a phone. Her friends text, her buddies snap pictures, how she wish she could too. Peer pressure. Her parents wouldn't get her one as they did not see a need in it. Finally, the day came. She needs a phone to contact her parents as she have to stay back for school activities. Her parents discussed, they agreed, and got her this phone.


How delighted she was. She smiled, she did not care much about the "NOTLONG"-ness. Even though the phone couldn't take clear pics, she was thankful because at least she has a phone to use and she can always use her mum's old camera. She loves to capture the moment and she loves to blog! She put a pic of her, her Librarian buddies and her juniors into the phone and set it as a wallpaper. Then she realize that..

NOTLONG phone totally is NOTLONG!!!

It broke her heart to see that the NOTLONG phone "cuts" the sides of the pic. It doesn't feel COMPLETE...

The problem doesn't end there. The slide went loose and the buttons couldn't work at all. She had to hold the slides together to answer a phone call. Last year, NOTLONG phone went for 2 operations repairs within 2 months. Now, the buttons are back but no matter how she hold the slides together, the person on the other line couldn't hear a word she says.


No dialled and received numbers this year. How bad is this? I bet there's at least 1 call you get and dial in a month right? She knew her parents won't get her a new phone, STILL can use for sms-ing but what's a phone when you can't use it to call right?

Another thing you need to know is that she's such a chocoholic. She tends to eat more when she's feeling life's not that good...

You must be wondering why the pics here are so not clear. The prob of her mum's camera? Here's the news, the old camera is spoiled. The old camera has been with her for 5 years, and of 'cuz *ouch* These pics are taken using her sis' phone's camera.

Aiyo, chill la, pimple also come out dy (>.<)

Well, it helped her to feel better a bit. The chocolate ain't 100% pure chocolate ops. The problem is STILL not solved right?

Ps: her-Purple

Blogging is therapeutic, agree? =) She logs in to her blog, tries to put the whole incident into words, blank. She scrolls her blog up and down pointlessly. "Wait a sec..." something at the sidebar of her blog caught her eye, it's a cute, blue rectangular icon. Come on, guess what's that mah xD It's NUFFNANG~! She clicks it, it leads to Nuffnang's site and she saw...

LG’s new Chocolate phone (BL40)!!!! "Pure Chocolate!!! *drools*"

She continues to read...

4-inch widescreen. "wah..."

...5.0 Mega Pixel camera. this fully touch screen phone with multi touch function features LG’s proprietary S-Class UI that offers the best in finger-friendly 3D graphics, intuitive responsiveness and easy accessibility. "can take clear pics wor ^^"

...special content from James Cameron’s epic action movie AVATAR. What better way to utilize LG Chocolate’s amazing 4-inch widescreen with crystal clear HD resolution to give users a cinematic experience all in a grip. "woots~! I see you xD"

Featuring a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, LG brings a better user experience when browsing web pages, checking emails or viewing videos on the cinema-like screen.  
*jaw drops* "my current phone can't do anything like that!"

‘Supermodel’ of Phones
“Glossy, sleek and thin like a supermodel.”
...stylish Twenty8Twelve’s limited-edition designer case designed by the fashionista and actress Sienna Miller and her designer sister Savanna. "beauty among the phones~! *amazing*"

worth RM2,199 "!!! how am I gonna get the money for this T.T"

But... Nuffnang saved the best part for the last haha. 

To stand a chance to win a brand new LG Chocolate phone BL40, all you have to do is write a blog post about ‘Why I Like It Longer’. The top 3 bloggers with the most creative posts will be the proud owner of this supermodel LG Chocolate BL40 Phone.

"No kidding~! I'll do it~!"

Why I Like It Longer? 'cuz

Longer=LG’s new Chocolate phone (BL40)=Life's Good!
and Nuffnang Rocks~!

Could this story be a happy ending? Would her life change from not so good to Life's good? I hope so =) We just got to wait for the news.