Monday, 29 March 2010

My weekend in Johor

清明时节雨纷纷, 路上行人欲断魂. I went back to my dad's hometown to visit my grandpa's grave.

Note: Pictures are arranged according to when I snapped it. 100% unedited 100% using my camera phone =)
It's about 6pm and look what we have, Moon! LOL
1st shot

2nd shot

FYI: Ppl here have their dinner before 7pm or so LOL. 
After dinner, I was washing dishes and I sensed something was looking at me. It appears to be the neighbor's dog. Dad gave the doggy a treat and looks like it wants more LOL.

Sitting on the swing under the rambutan tree~ the sky is getting dark. That's another neighbour's house, they renovate the house and made it a double storey.

Can't forget the moon LOL. So sparkly wan LOL.

Nobody seems to care about Earth Hour here =.= Jasmine once asked me whether I'm trying to save the earth or something. I watched Big ideas for a small planet show, a guy said something like:"I'm not an environmentalist, I'm just doing what I think is right to protect the earth." *woots!*

scare you with my face first xD
Sunday: At grandpa's grave

The view. 1st shot. Practically a shot from what I see here. Love the blue sky and the oil palm trees. I couldn't achieve the symmetric feel, as you can see, the sides of the oil palm trees are kinda chopped off LOL. nvm =)

2nd shot. I thought I didn't like the "head" of the car in the 1st shot but the 1st shot was better than this, I think-lah LOL.

My new identity? Umbrella holder LOL.Kept 6 ppl out of the hot Sun.

Or you prefer this? LOL

My cute niece. Super long lashes :O Random-ing~ xP

I haven't get my P yet. What took it so long? =( I wanna drive~! LOL

Friday, 26 March 2010

NS 2nd batch 2010

Gonna miss all of you ="( 
You know who you are!
Enjoy, have fun and miss me back =) 

I know this is ridiculous but I was thinking, one of the SWT reasons that I didn't get National Service is 'cuz my bro went and kor is going. SWT right? *something's wrong with me, I know.*
Lucky people, I'm rotting! =O
Kor! Remember to bring your heal-pimple-secret-weapon =P

I miss Ke Lin already T.T
Love, Kim

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Random pics

Appeal letter is on the way~

Being a good girl, I've read something useful xD

Did some Youtube-ing and found this! <3 Enjoy!

Monday, 22 March 2010


Dedicated to a friend who er... do I need to "look down" to see you a? xD
What a random pic to start a post xD

My fingers are rather pointy+my nails grow really fast=I got to remove the polish within (max) 3days to get a nice "feel" of my piano LOL.Sounds troublesome but anyway, I rarely paint my nails LOL. So random! xD

Thought of the day:
I am blessed to be a blessing =)
sound so 自恋 but hey, I'm blessed =)
"Count your blessings, name them one by on, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done"

Went to school to continue the appealing procedures. Pn Tan told me not to be upset even the grades after appeal isn't what I expected. I agree, at least I tried =) Headed to JJ's post office to buy wang pos. Saw Crystal! Aw... miss her so so much! 

To friends who are concerned, most probably I will continue my studies in...  
*give me a drum roll xD*  

FORM 6! 

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails =) 
Proverbs 19:21

One more thing...  ROOT BEER FLOAT TASTE SO YUMMY <3 It's like the only yummy thing in AnW for me LOL. 

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pics from Mun Yan's 18th birthday gathering

Some highlights of the day:
Jia Yee, Yue Wan, Eileen, Mun Yan, Me, Ke Lin and Shu Yin @ Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid 26388_1395490248294_1263347442_31163046_5537574_n

Singing the birthday song~

Eileen feeding the birthday girl. Me the "spoiler" xD

Eggies! ^^ Guess which is mine xD Yay to handmade gifts! =)

Mun Yan's Ultra Wide Slim lomo cam! *goes crazy*
So nice of Mun Yan to share and play with me =) *touched*

Mun Yan is like a total human magnet LOL. She had 3 birthday celebrations! *woots!* She's a great friend to all of us =)
Love you Chor! <3

Thursday, 18 March 2010

What I learned from my driving lessons

A test shot taken by my phone cam while waiting for the driving instructor to come LOL. 
It makes my face weirder if u noticed =\

I took 14 hours of driving lessons. Yes, I know, I'm a slow learner. It's hard getting use to driving. For me, it's almost like the opposite of playing the piano. I pedal A LOT.
Get what I meant? xD

What I learned from my driving lessons:
~Learn to drive safely (of 'cuz!)
~Sunblock can always come in handy these days
~A good book can probably kill boredom from waiting
~Maybe opens opportunity to get to know some random people LOL.
~Smoking is such a "you know what" *chokes* *coughs*
~When you think you are nervous when you drive, the instructor is actually MORE nervous. The instructor's life is in YOUR hands LOL.

It's the process (lessons, test etc.) that matters right? No use getting a license without the process.

Thank God, I passed! =) with no duit kopi or what so ever *woots~!*

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mun Yan might want to know this =P My "original" egg shell-covered with newspaper to protect the egg from cracking. Painted the egg but the color did not stand out. So, I painted another egg shell but it cracked =( Did another eggshell on Friday night.

#1 newspaper covered eggshell

#2 0.5 cm @@

#3 Half done.
hehe, the "happy" from my previous post =)

Oh yea, the proof that Wei Yan drove us to JJ on result day =P

I went to appeal for my SPM BK. Not an easy thing. Til now, haven't sent in the form 'cuz haven't go post office buy wang post, don't know whether headmaster signed the form, it's school holiday btw. Got to do it within 30days after SPM result day. Anyway, went to "kacau" my juniors xP

We went to visit Mr. Gan, our ex-headmaster. He's such a nice person. Praise God, he'd recovered. (from a bad fall? purple and swollen eye? I don't know which =P)

Saturday, 13 March 2010. Mun Yan's 18th Birthday celebration
FYI: we all kinda painted our eggshells in the way that it represents us. Creative huh? =)
For example: This is Eileen's eggshell. Get what I mean? xD if no, nvm, Mun Yan know then can dy LOL.

We watched Alice in the Wonderland 2D
What a smart choice as all of us are speckies xD Can't imagine the uncomfortable-ness of spec on spec LOL. After watching the movie, I know I don't want to loose my "much-ness", I'm still funny irritating SyokSendiri Kim rite? =) *futterwaking* xD I don't remember watching the classic Alice in the Wonderland. Me and Mun Yan were guessing who sang the song, and we were right! Woots to good hearing =) Music video:

Lunch @ Fullhouse! The only pic I manage to take with my phone 'cuz later on Mun Yan let me use her cam~ so yea, got to wait for the pics ^^

I had fun with the girls. It's almost like a one month once gathering, and of course, this one is to celebrate Mun Yan's birthday <3 We got Yue Wan along as promised in the Chinese New Year Gathering post! =) 

Random: Ke Lin dreamt that I have 11As for SPM LOL! The funny part is, she don't know I took 11 subjects. In her dream, there was only me, SPM result slip has the marks you get for your subject... So random but it's funny to laugh at =)

Lagi random: She noticed something about my face. Is it that special odd to have a mole on each side of your cheeks? Think Vivi model, Lena LOL. Random huh? xD

We tried to "dig" something from Mun Yan but I think she's not admitting LOL. After lunch, straight away went to Seremban for family dinner. Aunt, uncles and cousins from S'pore came~

Chilling at grandma's room xP
My cousin sis' bear, I like to cuddle it when cousin sis brings it *teehee*

Went back home after dinner. Phew! What a day LOL. I slept during the journey.

Sunday, 14th March 2010
Testing my phone's cam~ Michael and Daniel. They just like to play around with each other LOL.

The next morning, I received Mun Yan's text msg that she sent on Sunday midnight. Her bro's girlfriend gave her a Lomo Cam! The best part is, she say we can play it together *woots~!* We do sound like kids sharing toys with their friends huh? Well, the feeling's quite nice =)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

SPM Result Day

FYI: I took this pic a night before SPM result day

感谢主! God speaks in different ways, we just have to listen to Him. I had a nightmare that I got 5As for SPM click here(near the end part) I was on the way to school, before I came out of my mum's car, the song "You make me smile" by Uncle Kraker ngam ngam finish playing on my mum's fave radio channel, light FM.  I enjoyed singing along LOL. It kinda speaks to me and made me forget the nervous-ness in me. Right timing, right song =) Had fun "guess" where and what some of my friends are studying now haha.
It went:"You start coll dy?"
"yea, Taylor's"
"SAM right? I know"
"Eh, how you know?!" LOL.

Had lunch with my buddies. Wei Yan drove us to Old JJ. Woots~! Gave Kor his super belated birthday present, still owe him haha. My gal friends from S1 got really good result =) Mun Yan, don't too stress k? We still love you ^^ Somewhere in my blog, I actually state how many As I wanted, but I forgot where! God is good, even times are bad, God is STILL good, He never change, that I'm sure =)

Thank God for teachers, parents and friends! Love you all ^^



Yew Juan found the post for me =) its at the end there =)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

LOL. Firstly, I want to say that God is good =) As you know, my mum's camera spoiled, my phone is in "coma" and I'm using the old Samsung phone. Alam Sentral Shah Alam had this hand phone fair going on, since it's quite near my house and I TOTALLY need to go somewhere other than my house, my room, my piano... You get the picture LOL. 

My parents are really nice, last Saturday before lunch, they dropped me and my sis off at Alam Sentral while they went to other places to settle some stuff. So there we were, looking at the promoters promote their products in different ways. I was that CLOSE to buy a phone, but I stopped and thought, "why am I doing this? I already have a phone and even though the key pad is super hard to press it hurts my finger sometimes and I admit I'm being fussy but  STILL can use-lah." I know I know, SWT! but that's me LOL. I'm not a compulsive shopper FYI. Then off to window shopping ^^ which became light shopping LOL. I was quite happy just to have a walk hahaha vain

My parents were late to fetch us back. We got into the car when dad broke the news... HE LOST HIS PHONE! That's why they were late 'cuz they were searching for it. They went to the furniture shop, clinic and some other places. It might have slipped off dad's pocket when they were sitting or when trying the chairs. After our late lunch, shower then off to church for Youth DG. Dad, me and bro went to search the phone after Youth DG. Couldn't find it. Oh well, we accept the fact that the phone was stolen although I don't know why ppl will want to take a basic phone plus my dad set a pin for the SIM card LOL.

Until my dad told me he needs to use the Samsung phone, then only I regretted not buying, that means I got NO PHONE (>.<) But... *evil grin* On Saturday night, I skip the begging asking pestering my mum agreed to bring me to get a phone on Sunday! Whee~ xD Thanks to dad too, he's okay using the Samsung phone but I think he is SO used to Nokia's "style", hmmm...

So yea, I got it <3 I'm easily contented I guess, no? God is SO good. hahaha. I didn't win the LG chocolate and I'm happy 'cuz I won't know what to do with it since I have a new phone LOL. The egg yolks did, I'm so happy for them =)

SPM results!!! (>.<) *sleepless nights*

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I had my pre-driving test on Tuesday. After I drove from Point A to Point X and back to Point A, the "examiner" asked whether I could speak Mandarin. "Of course!" He stated that many Chinese do not know how to speak their mother tongue and it's kinda like a shame :O He actually said that! FYI: He is a Malay who can speak Mandarin, and I'm not surprised My driving test is on the 17th of March. Is it that hard to pass ar? I don't want to fail (>.<)

Thank you Teacher Elaine aka Shi Yong for teaching me, although it's a short period of time, really appreciate it =) I continued my piano lessons with Teacher Sophie. Her baby boy is so cute =) Choosing the songs for my diploma exam *yikes* The songs are definitely not boring, it's nice =) but I guess I'm excited and nervous.

Kor Oon Ee is gonna go BALD! in support of his girlfriend, Shu Yi. FYI: not the same Shu Yi on my link bar LOL. The best bit is... bye Janggut! (beard) xD Pls do support World Vision Operation Botak~! Click=>

SPM results gonna be out in a week! So gan jiong (>.<)

Note to self: What are you gonna do without your cam and hand phone? Just sit there? *sitting* SWT I'll survive with no pics on my blog, hopefully

Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm currently using the old Samsung phone. The "Notlong" phone is totally in coma,. Thank God I had a copy of my important contacts in my booklet. Whereas for the birthday dates and important dates, bye~ (>.<) Pls remind me if there's a date I forget yea.

I failed to give TWO surprises last week!

Surprise No.1 It was Leon's idea k =P
Who: Shi Yong, my current piano teacher
How: By telling her that I know her STPM results, she got a 3.8!! *wow*
How it failed: The moment Shi Yong enters the house, my mum ask her for the results =.= oh well, nvm LOL.

Surprise No.2
Who: My DG leaders
How: By appearing at their doorsteps. Before that, I told them I wasn't going to DG.
How it failed: My parents thought they know where my DGL's house is. Guess what? They call my DGL for directions =.=?!

So much of the surprising LOL.

The Voon's came over my house yesterday night. What a pleasant surprise to see them =) They stay near the Chinese church, my house is about 25 mins away from church. I was teaching Joshua Class for this week's Children's Church. I had fun observing the 4 Voon kids, the youngest one has the cutest smile =) I salute Huai En, she's a good big sis to her 3 siblings.

Talking about church... Braces is suppose to fix the teeth rite? I don't know why Gideon isn't smiling much after he got the braces on, and he randomly throws a fake smile to show me his braces swt. Kor Oon Ee totally got to consider shaving his Janggut before he unintentionally scares and makes another poor innocent lil child cry LOL.

I had driving lesson today. I prefer Bukit( the hill) compare to the Parking. Weather was (and still is) super hot. Oh yea, I like the way my instructor drives... while talking to the phone LOL.

God bless! =)