Thursday, 4 March 2010

I had my pre-driving test on Tuesday. After I drove from Point A to Point X and back to Point A, the "examiner" asked whether I could speak Mandarin. "Of course!" He stated that many Chinese do not know how to speak their mother tongue and it's kinda like a shame :O He actually said that! FYI: He is a Malay who can speak Mandarin, and I'm not surprised My driving test is on the 17th of March. Is it that hard to pass ar? I don't want to fail (>.<)

Thank you Teacher Elaine aka Shi Yong for teaching me, although it's a short period of time, really appreciate it =) I continued my piano lessons with Teacher Sophie. Her baby boy is so cute =) Choosing the songs for my diploma exam *yikes* The songs are definitely not boring, it's nice =) but I guess I'm excited and nervous.

Kor Oon Ee is gonna go BALD! in support of his girlfriend, Shu Yi. FYI: not the same Shu Yi on my link bar LOL. The best bit is... bye Janggut! (beard) xD Pls do support World Vision Operation Botak~! Click=>

SPM results gonna be out in a week! So gan jiong (>.<)

Note to self: What are you gonna do without your cam and hand phone? Just sit there? *sitting* SWT I'll survive with no pics on my blog, hopefully