Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm currently using the old Samsung phone. The "Notlong" phone is totally in coma,. Thank God I had a copy of my important contacts in my booklet. Whereas for the birthday dates and important dates, bye~ (>.<) Pls remind me if there's a date I forget yea.

I failed to give TWO surprises last week!

Surprise No.1 It was Leon's idea k =P
Who: Shi Yong, my current piano teacher
How: By telling her that I know her STPM results, she got a 3.8!! *wow*
How it failed: The moment Shi Yong enters the house, my mum ask her for the results =.= oh well, nvm LOL.

Surprise No.2
Who: My DG leaders
How: By appearing at their doorsteps. Before that, I told them I wasn't going to DG.
How it failed: My parents thought they know where my DGL's house is. Guess what? They call my DGL for directions =.=?!

So much of the surprising LOL.

The Voon's came over my house yesterday night. What a pleasant surprise to see them =) They stay near the Chinese church, my house is about 25 mins away from church. I was teaching Joshua Class for this week's Children's Church. I had fun observing the 4 Voon kids, the youngest one has the cutest smile =) I salute Huai En, she's a good big sis to her 3 siblings.

Talking about church... Braces is suppose to fix the teeth rite? I don't know why Gideon isn't smiling much after he got the braces on, and he randomly throws a fake smile to show me his braces swt. Kor Oon Ee totally got to consider shaving his Janggut before he unintentionally scares and makes another poor innocent lil child cry LOL.

I had driving lesson today. I prefer Bukit( the hill) compare to the Parking. Weather was (and still is) super hot. Oh yea, I like the way my instructor drives... while talking to the phone LOL.

God bless! =)