Wednesday, 10 March 2010

LOL. Firstly, I want to say that God is good =) As you know, my mum's camera spoiled, my phone is in "coma" and I'm using the old Samsung phone. Alam Sentral Shah Alam had this hand phone fair going on, since it's quite near my house and I TOTALLY need to go somewhere other than my house, my room, my piano... You get the picture LOL. 

My parents are really nice, last Saturday before lunch, they dropped me and my sis off at Alam Sentral while they went to other places to settle some stuff. So there we were, looking at the promoters promote their products in different ways. I was that CLOSE to buy a phone, but I stopped and thought, "why am I doing this? I already have a phone and even though the key pad is super hard to press it hurts my finger sometimes and I admit I'm being fussy but  STILL can use-lah." I know I know, SWT! but that's me LOL. I'm not a compulsive shopper FYI. Then off to window shopping ^^ which became light shopping LOL. I was quite happy just to have a walk hahaha vain

My parents were late to fetch us back. We got into the car when dad broke the news... HE LOST HIS PHONE! That's why they were late 'cuz they were searching for it. They went to the furniture shop, clinic and some other places. It might have slipped off dad's pocket when they were sitting or when trying the chairs. After our late lunch, shower then off to church for Youth DG. Dad, me and bro went to search the phone after Youth DG. Couldn't find it. Oh well, we accept the fact that the phone was stolen although I don't know why ppl will want to take a basic phone plus my dad set a pin for the SIM card LOL.

Until my dad told me he needs to use the Samsung phone, then only I regretted not buying, that means I got NO PHONE (>.<) But... *evil grin* On Saturday night, I skip the begging asking pestering my mum agreed to bring me to get a phone on Sunday! Whee~ xD Thanks to dad too, he's okay using the Samsung phone but I think he is SO used to Nokia's "style", hmmm...

So yea, I got it <3 I'm easily contented I guess, no? God is SO good. hahaha. I didn't win the LG chocolate and I'm happy 'cuz I won't know what to do with it since I have a new phone LOL. The egg yolks did, I'm so happy for them =)

SPM results!!! (>.<) *sleepless nights*