Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mun Yan might want to know this =P My "original" egg shell-covered with newspaper to protect the egg from cracking. Painted the egg but the color did not stand out. So, I painted another egg shell but it cracked =( Did another eggshell on Friday night.

#1 newspaper covered eggshell

#2 0.5 cm @@

#3 Half done.
hehe, the "happy" from my previous post =)

Oh yea, the proof that Wei Yan drove us to JJ on result day =P

I went to appeal for my SPM BK. Not an easy thing. Til now, haven't sent in the form 'cuz haven't go post office buy wang post, don't know whether headmaster signed the form, it's school holiday btw. Got to do it within 30days after SPM result day. Anyway, went to "kacau" my juniors xP

We went to visit Mr. Gan, our ex-headmaster. He's such a nice person. Praise God, he'd recovered. (from a bad fall? purple and swollen eye? I don't know which =P)

Saturday, 13 March 2010. Mun Yan's 18th Birthday celebration
FYI: we all kinda painted our eggshells in the way that it represents us. Creative huh? =)
For example: This is Eileen's eggshell. Get what I mean? xD if no, nvm, Mun Yan know then can dy LOL.

We watched Alice in the Wonderland 2D
What a smart choice as all of us are speckies xD Can't imagine the uncomfortable-ness of spec on spec LOL. After watching the movie, I know I don't want to loose my "much-ness", I'm still funny irritating SyokSendiri Kim rite? =) *futterwaking* xD I don't remember watching the classic Alice in the Wonderland. Me and Mun Yan were guessing who sang the song, and we were right! Woots to good hearing =) Music video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyDRbx8nWFg

Lunch @ Fullhouse! The only pic I manage to take with my phone 'cuz later on Mun Yan let me use her cam~ so yea, got to wait for the pics ^^

I had fun with the girls. It's almost like a one month once gathering, and of course, this one is to celebrate Mun Yan's birthday <3 We got Yue Wan along as promised in the Chinese New Year Gathering post! =) 

Random: Ke Lin dreamt that I have 11As for SPM LOL! The funny part is, she don't know I took 11 subjects. In her dream, there was only me, SPM result slip has the marks you get for your subject... So random but it's funny to laugh at =)

Lagi random: She noticed something about my face. Is it that special odd to have a mole on each side of your cheeks? Think Vivi model, Lena LOL. Random huh? xD

We tried to "dig" something from Mun Yan but I think she's not admitting LOL. After lunch, straight away went to Seremban for family dinner. Aunt, uncles and cousins from S'pore came~

Chilling at grandma's room xP
My cousin sis' bear, I like to cuddle it when cousin sis brings it *teehee*

Went back home after dinner. Phew! What a day LOL. I slept during the journey.

Sunday, 14th March 2010
Testing my phone's cam~ Michael and Daniel. They just like to play around with each other LOL.

The next morning, I received Mun Yan's text msg that she sent on Sunday midnight. Her bro's girlfriend gave her a Lomo Cam! The best part is, she say we can play it together *woots~!* We do sound like kids sharing toys with their friends huh? Well, the feeling's quite nice =)