Saturday, 20 March 2010

Pics from Mun Yan's 18th birthday gathering

Some highlights of the day:
Jia Yee, Yue Wan, Eileen, Mun Yan, Me, Ke Lin and Shu Yin @ Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid 26388_1395490248294_1263347442_31163046_5537574_n

Singing the birthday song~

Eileen feeding the birthday girl. Me the "spoiler" xD

Eggies! ^^ Guess which is mine xD Yay to handmade gifts! =)

Mun Yan's Ultra Wide Slim lomo cam! *goes crazy*
So nice of Mun Yan to share and play with me =) *touched*

Mun Yan is like a total human magnet LOL. She had 3 birthday celebrations! *woots!* She's a great friend to all of us =)
Love you Chor! <3