Thursday, 11 March 2010

SPM Result Day

FYI: I took this pic a night before SPM result day

感谢主! God speaks in different ways, we just have to listen to Him. I had a nightmare that I got 5As for SPM click here(near the end part) I was on the way to school, before I came out of my mum's car, the song "You make me smile" by Uncle Kraker ngam ngam finish playing on my mum's fave radio channel, light FM.  I enjoyed singing along LOL. It kinda speaks to me and made me forget the nervous-ness in me. Right timing, right song =) Had fun "guess" where and what some of my friends are studying now haha.
It went:"You start coll dy?"
"yea, Taylor's"
"SAM right? I know"
"Eh, how you know?!" LOL.

Had lunch with my buddies. Wei Yan drove us to Old JJ. Woots~! Gave Kor his super belated birthday present, still owe him haha. My gal friends from S1 got really good result =) Mun Yan, don't too stress k? We still love you ^^ Somewhere in my blog, I actually state how many As I wanted, but I forgot where! God is good, even times are bad, God is STILL good, He never change, that I'm sure =)

Thank God for teachers, parents and friends! Love you all ^^



Yew Juan found the post for me =) its at the end there =)