Thursday, 18 March 2010

What I learned from my driving lessons

A test shot taken by my phone cam while waiting for the driving instructor to come LOL. 
It makes my face weirder if u noticed =\

I took 14 hours of driving lessons. Yes, I know, I'm a slow learner. It's hard getting use to driving. For me, it's almost like the opposite of playing the piano. I pedal A LOT.
Get what I meant? xD

What I learned from my driving lessons:
~Learn to drive safely (of 'cuz!)
~Sunblock can always come in handy these days
~A good book can probably kill boredom from waiting
~Maybe opens opportunity to get to know some random people LOL.
~Smoking is such a "you know what" *chokes* *coughs*
~When you think you are nervous when you drive, the instructor is actually MORE nervous. The instructor's life is in YOUR hands LOL.

It's the process (lessons, test etc.) that matters right? No use getting a license without the process.

Thank God, I passed! =) with no duit kopi or what so ever *woots~!*