Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A mark that stays

What do I want? What do I want to be? What does God wants me to do?

Before SPM, EVERYBODY was so excited 'cuz we say that we have plans after SPM. We say we want to do this and that, pursue this and that. Well, I did say. What about now? If you ask me, I'm stuck between Music and Accounting =(

It was time for my class, I was excited 'cuz I get to drive (I know, I get excited so easily LOL) Me and dad were about to get into the car when he spotted a letter on it. I quickly recognize the letter, APPEAL LETTER. I quickly tear it open and glance through. *takes a deep breath*

A mark that stays.. get it? LOL
I thought I'm suppose to get this letter later? like in JUNE?!

Well, not to show off or whatsoever, I would like to blog my experiences with the SPM subjects. I was interested to know how each subject went for my seniors but they didn't seem to share much =/ Yea, I took tuition for 3 subjects.

Bahasa Melayu A+
I started Grace Tay Form 5 tuition. She helped me tremendously, not only my grades improved (better than I were in F3 and F4), I started to like Bahasa Melayu, serious! Tuition is like you keep writing karangans, rumusans, do komsas until you are really comfortable with it LOL?

Bahasa Inggeris A+
I can write, but not in a very artistic, flowery manner. A2 for my GCE-O

Pengetahuan Moral B+
What can you tell from here? I have NO MORAL? It's merely a grade, I believe I should practice moral, not just study it. I did expect an A. I memorized ALL the definition of the nilais

Sejarah A
One of the reasons I blog is I have the worse memory ever! I often refer to my blog to refresh my memory of what I did last time. Eg: for certain event, what I did before and what I have not done. History is interesting, but if you want to test me on the names of whatever, don't! (>.<) I did not expect an A.

Mathematics A
I loveee Maths. Every Monday til Friday, there's a Maths period and most of the time there's homework. Complete it EVERY TIME and maths shouldn't be a problem =)

Science A+
If I say love Maths, I love science even more. I don't know why. Maybe it's just so fun and interactive in class LOL.It made me pay attention during class. Experiments <3

Additional Mathematics A-
I never got higher than a C in my school exams, usually a FAILED. I went to tuition from June 2009 til October 2009. Of course I feel bad when I failed, Pn. Tang is so dedicated when she teach and yet a failed I got? 真的是对不起她 =(

Prinsip Perakuanan A
Never an A in school exam, only a mere pass. If you ask why I went to the sub-arts stream, I'm more the "arts" compare to the "science", if you get what I meant. Until I realize I missed out a major detail... it's in BM! Now I'm confused. 5 months of tuition helped =)

Ekonomi Asas A
I like this subject. Just need to study, understand the concept, know the way to answer the questions(got method wan you know LOL) and ta-dah, you know your basic econs.

Bahasa Cina B+
Same, I can't write in an artistic, flowery manner. Understandable yes LOL. Yi Jen did a good job giving me random test on 名句 and all =)

Bible Knowledge (After appealing) E
The first thing my class teacher said when she passed me my SPM result slip was:"You didn't study your Bible a?" I study and understand my Bible more than I did with my History. My friends, if you know, you'll know, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I still Praise God for my results.

3A+ 4A 1A- 2B+ 1E

What's done is done.

"I'm not ashamed of the gospel.."

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Form 6

Semakan Tawaran Ke Tingkatan 6 Bawah Tahun 2010

The clock is ticking!

Project Alpha Season 2

I didn't watch the whole series of the Season 1. Hello~ SPM (>.<) 
Well, I'm bored sometimes at this point of time *sigh* what on earth I'm talking about?!

Anyway, Project Alpha is Malaysia's first online TV Show about top bloggers. 

One of my personal fave for this season er... hmm.. how to say ar.., I read The Star newspaper a lot, not very much for the news but more for articles LOL. writes a column there and so does also, check out =)  So it's kinda nice to see what kind of person they are in real life (er..moving motion?) other than in written words (er, static? =P) *hand smacks head* I better let the video do the talking LOL.

Niki Cheong =)

After you've watched this episode, watch the rest too if you are interested =)

Monday, 26 April 2010


Class was canceled 'cuz Tammy is sick =( She scored the HIGHEST in class for her English test *whee~xP* It's good that I rested at home, wasn't feeling that well. Anyway, I didn't skip DG =) I got well around 2pm. Praise God.

What I learned from DG this time?
On career:
A reminder telling me that what I study is one thing, what I work as is another thing, what I end up being is also another thingy LOL. I believe God has a plan for me. 

Thank God for Philip and Su Kim =)

I drove back from DG =). It's the first time I use the Touch n Go card LOL. 
The first toll: I stopped the car a lil far from the 'touching thingy', I got to take off my seat belt, stretch out and TOUCH! (Touch n Go pulak =.=) 
2nd toll: Too excited =P nearly dropped the card *phew*

The Voons came to my house for dinner =) Nothing much to say, they are a nice family. My sis did the pic taking *click here* while I *ahem* busy baby jaga-ing LOL.

Thank God I brought my jacket along to church on Sunday. It was cold, maybe it's just me. Sermon by Pastor Swee Ming. I can't possibly "repeat" the whole sermon here, but I believe I got to use my talents and Spiritual gift for God's kingdom. 
If you go "blah, this fellow keep talking about God la church la etc", sorry, I believe in God =) And didn't my HUGE BLOG HEADER warned you? xP

I didn't know Win Li started her Diploma in Music in Yamaha until recently! I'm digging details on that. Form 6 intake is around the corner. I don't know why I am so anxious @@

Random pic:

Justin has really nice sport shoes and it matches his outfit. For a few times, we played the shoe game where he touch his shoes and mine, look at me and smile and he repeats the whole process LOL.

"Are you looking at me?" LOL
It's my 2nd time shopping online. The 1st time was a lil hassle. I paid on Wednesday and only got the parcel on Saturday, late. Not to mention, the buttons started coming out and I had to sew it back =.= not going back to that shopping site. *PHOBIA* but not anymore LOL

I paid Tanksfor5 on Thursday after cut off time (post office has delivery timings) and I got the parcel on Saturday before my lunch time. My mum was like:"efficient wor" compared to the previous time.

Well, I don't shop unnecessary and I try to cut down as much as possible. close to 0 shopping. This time, I just need to get a tank top to wear at home 'cuz the weather is so HOT (>.<) You know how much carbon footprint is produced just to shipped the goods, pesticides needed to plant cotton... *Kim starts to blah*

Is there any shops or online stores that sells clothes made of organic cotton? I can't find here in Malaysia =.=
*Big ideas for a small planet aftermath* xD

Helping Kor Oon-Ee to key in some songs, might take a while. *me so slow* I'll try to update as "frequent" as I can =3 I didn't even have time to test the eco-enzyme...
Ta', Back to business *teehee*

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I've always wanted to make my own eco-enzyme/garbage enzyme but I ALWAYS give myself excuses... no time, no mood etc =P After SPM, I've decided... NO MORE! MUST DO! so I did =)

I use this formula
1 portion of brown sugar:
3 portions of vegetables/fruit peels (no meat pls!):
10 portions of water
(1:3:10) easy to remember =)

I put all these goodies (LOL) in an Air-tight container until it's 2/3 of the container's volume (Gases may form during fermentation), left it in a cool, dry place/avoid direct exposure to sunlight and let it ferment for 3 months. I did open the cap everyday to let the gas out, only for the first month though =) I used only orange peels 'cuz I was scared it will be smelly and I'll give up halfway =( BUT...It did not! Seriously. *makes a serious face*

After 3 months...
 Tah-dah! =)

I've filtered the enzyme.Yea... pouring it from one container to another. If it smells, I think I won't even dare to touch the container LOL. It's suppose to be brown like that...I think...LOL. The residue is a perfect compose for the garden's plants ^^. The enzyme acts as an all-in-1 household detergent (come on, give me a *wow*! LOL) I've haven't used it yet. My mum will scream if I use it for the floor =P Maybe during the weekends, I'll use it to wash the cars =)

Wait for my review yea ^^ 

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mun Yan, Eileen, Yue Wan, Fiona and I went out to Sunway Pyramid yesterday. I miss the rest =( hopefully we'll have another gathering, yea? ^^ 
The ONLY pic I've taken during the outing:

*drum rolls*
Mun Yan's lomo camera!!! *limited edition wey*
Isn't it a beauty? Kumagin <3
We went hunting for films so we can snap some pics with the lomo cam =) 2 out of 2 camera shops we went told us "No stock". Oh well...
Anyway, Mun Yan's having her exams soon, no time for lomo-ing so the oh-so-kind Mun Yan let me bring it back and experiment it first. Aw~ *touched*

Filling lunch at Wong Kok. We chatted a lot, yea? LOL

I'm not into makeups. When we were in Etude House, I tried on the testers LOL. Well, the white and purple are the ones I bought from The Face Shop and Elianto respectively some time ago. Just can't leave that 2 fingers er.. unpainted? xP
The shoes I got for the interview ain't made for walking. note to self

Sunday, 18th April 2010

Life is a experience...

Su Xian is going to Singapore for her studies!!! I can't believe how much I missed her already *sobs* 
I guess I got to DECIDE, FINALIZE, KEEP PRAYING on what to study too. *gan jiong*

Some lighter reads LOL:
My bro purposely want (part of) his head in my S.S. pic LOL?

...and again.
I can't help it but to just LOL...? xD

I want to say Hi to ALL of you but after that, I'm not sure what to say or how to continue the conversation... but anyway, Hi! Take care peeps! =)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Piano class random

Prepared to go to piano class =) Weather so HOT =.="""" sweating like mad LOL.

Since I have a dual camera, I can take this pic ^^ If not, I have to blind point and shoot = camera facing self and mirror, hoping it will have the self (shoulder) and mirror (me) in the frame LOL

This is the usual mirror shoot

Blah... I explained so much. Actually, the main thing is that... it's just so RANDOM xD

This is how I stick my piano pages
I don't use a LONG tape and stick the papers together from top to bottom, the paper will some how crumble =( Instead, I use 3 shorter tapes to stick at the top, center and bottom. Oh yea, I had to photostat my piano pieces from the original books 'cuz my teacher got to really conteng vandalize my scores so I can remember how to play the dynamics etc. properly xP

At teacher's place, so bored so.. you know ^_*

The salt and pepper dispenser? LOL

Deco for the stairs

I was not selected for local matric, still feeling fine =) Noah didn't get it too but he has FULL As! =O Eileen got it *woots!* Congrats dear! ^^

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My JPA interview experience

I will try to spill out every detail here, might be useful for my juniors. *teehee* 

If you stalk view my Twitter or Facebook, yes! I do not have a set of proper formal clothing. T-shirt rocks xP Anyway, got 'em on Monday (a day before the day)

 I can see myself wearing these shoes again (me likey ^^) 
but the long sleeves and pants... maybe

Got the necessary papers certified by my alma mater's headmaster, Dr. Chin. Phew~ what a busy day.

The day, Tuesday 13th April 2010

It's my mum's birthday =) Had a simple dinner last Sunday. 
Dad fetched me to Putrajaya. He knows the way well =) It was raining.

On the way~

I love the structure~

My interview was scheduled on 5pm but all of us were required to be there 30 mins earlier. Reached there about 4.10pm. Went to the toilet before going up the escalator (too many details? you don't want to get more panic when you can't find the toilet LOL). Walked pass those anxious parents (LOL) and there's a table. The ppl-in-charge asked for my panel (I'm in panel 7) and told me the room to go to. I walk until I reached room 17 LOL. Register there. I wasn't the only one early. My interview-buddies saw me but didn't do anything. I didn't know who was my interview-buddies until I asked the person-in-charge (how smart xP) I sat down beside a girl and started the conversation. I thought I was nervous but I was totally not! They have Wifi there so I tweeted *teehee* Another girl was LATE. She was suppose to be in the 4pm batch but she came late for-dunno-wat-reason-but-its-nt-cuz-she-cant-find-the-place. After the officer sounded her (or something), 6 of us were asked to line up and prepare to go in to the room. I'm no.6 =)

I let you imagine a bit xP I'm not a racist, I just have to use words so you can imagine properly.

From left side, Malay man from JPA, Malay man from U?M (I forgot), Malay lady from JPA
The chairman(the one who talks most of the time) is the Malay man from the Uni.

now, imagine my interview-buddies. 
I forgot which is which no. cuz I think we were jumbled up after the discussion but I just let you imagine from what I remember xD

No.1 Malay guy. slightly tanned. 
Applied for Diploma in (forgot what =.=) Engineering in Japan

No.2 Chinese guy frm Chung Hwa Independent ('cuz when I went to take back my folder, I saw his folder after mine's)
Applied for Sastera Ikthisas but was hoping to change course 'cuz he wants to do Environmental Managment (salute him!)
Started MUFY

No.3 Chinese girl who talked to me
Applied for local science
NS 2nd batch. She came all the way from Perak

No.4 Malay guy
Applied for Diploma in (forgot what =.=) Engineering in Japan

No.5 Chinese girl (the one who was late)
Applied for dunno what =.= I think she wanted to change course too but can't-lah.

No.6 Yours truly ^^
Applied for local Sastera ikthisas

Questions asked for my case:
First part
-Introduce yourself (answer in BM)
Name, Secondary school, extra-curricular activities, Family (Parents occupation, siblings). About 3 mins 
-Why choose this course and Why you want to study in xx country?

Discussion Part (answer and discuss in English)
-What living skills and values make a person successful? (not the exact words)
We were given 5 mins to discuss among ourselves.

Last part
Ask questions you want to ask JPA
Basically the rest asked whether they can change course, when the results will be released etc. I didn't ask 'cuz I kinda know things about JPA from my dad LOL.

My Tips for you:
1. Be very sure of what you are applying and which country you want to go that is being offered by JPA
No.5 (refer to my interview buddies) mentioned Actuarial Science.
FYI: Actuarial Science for year 2010 is NOT OFFERED by JPA, it's under MARA scholarship which means non-bumi can't apply.
She actually applied for economics. When asked which country she hopes to go for her studies,  she answered: "Australia".
Double FYI: Australia ain't one of the countries JPA sends students to for that course. That's what the interviewers told her and it's stated in the list of courses we saw on the JPA site.
Why is it a tip? You don't want the interviewers to question whether you truly understand what you are applying for.

2. Be punctual! 
It's one of the points my group came out with during the discussion. It's vital for a successful person you know =)

3. Don't say you don't know.
If the interviewers ask Why you choose this course and Why you want to study in xx country, answering " I don't know" (for me-lah) it's not a good answer. There MUST be a reason. 

4.Don't be nervous.
'cuz your interview-buddies can feel it, believe it or not?

5. Smile =)
You're in your tidy formal wear and the only thing left to complete the look is your smile =)

Thank God that you've made it here =)

Leon asked whether I got my interview-buddies' Facebook. NO!!!! =( They went off so fast. I actually tried to stop them and I even wanted to ask the Chinese guy why he wants to do environmental management because I've been wanting to do that after I've been brain washed by Big Ideas For a Small planet  but... oh, nvm. If they see this, they will think I'm extra bossy extra bad talker extra SS. oh well, at least I didn't take a self portrait in front of you all in the waiting area xD

After the interview
I love the lighting
FYI: my mum bought that bag for my grandma but my grandma finds it unsuitable for her so she passed it to me ^^


Dad uses his engineering knowledge and explained to me the function of ... is that a dam ar? LOL.

Dad shoots! xD

He loves that tie ^^

I had fun =) It's truly a great experience for me. The chairman said something like "Nasib baik (thank goodness) you didn't get interviewed by your father" LOL. Whether or not I get the scholarship, it's God's plan, I've done my part =) Thanks for praying and wishing me, peeps! =)

Oh yea, I took the lil cuttings of paper from Childrens' Church, stuff it in my pencil case and brought it home for recycle. I'm not insane k, just doing the right thing. Comments? xD

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Call from JPA

Ready for some random photos? xD 

It says JPA

Mr. Yong Jr. LOL 
My dad wore the same tie for 3 days I think ^^

I love to blog about my family but they are so camera shy. My sis is a fake-camera shy LOL.

Scare you with my face first *teehee*

So yea, I got a call from JPA ytd. I NEVER thought I'll get the JPA interview. I'm so nervous wey! The last interview I had was for librarian intake which was 3 years ago! I applied for local Sastera ikhtisas which I'm not too sure what is that but Accounting is definitely in it =) Searching for my certs @@ I don't think I receive a cert for my UNSW English Competition...hmm... AND my letter does not have a date on it =O like, how am I suppose to know which day I have to go to PICC? Ng Cin Yan, Ng Shu Yin and Ng Sue Huey are the few of the lucky ones, don't know what I mean? You don't have to LOL. Pray for me. God bless. Ta' =)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Text message: (extract) (my inner thoughts)

Zi Wang: 
"Is your dad here at PICC as one of the interviewers?!" (I received the 2nd msg before I received the 1st one LOL)
"I just met your dad! Wow he's cool (LOL?!) I introduced myself as Jeff." (What? Why? LOL)
"Too bad I didn't have the chance to converse with him. Say how good a girl you are (how bad a boy I am lo? xD) how you blog about him etc xD (woots!)
"I went up, said hi and shook his hand. It's like saying hi to a celebrity leh xD." (*paused* celebrity? what??! is that my dad?)

I asked my mum what my dad wore today. "Coat and tie". No wonder-lah... I don't see my dad in coat and tie very often, house clothes? yes, EVERYDAY. He's more of a family man =) Dad came back quite late today (7pm, late leh, usually he's back by 6pm if no night classes). Zi Wang is smart to introduce himself as Jeff, my dad remembers the name but not the face. Dad interviewed so many ppl today leh @@ Anyway, so far nobody from Kwang Hua got my dad as their interviewer and that includes Zi Wang LOL.
Anyway, this year is not much of a shock yet. Last year, Turk texted:"What is your dad doing in Putrajaya?" LOL. I forgot how I answered but I think it was funny. Oh yea, and Loon Han's reaction when I told him my dad interviewed him LOL. *don't smack me*

Ytd evening, I drove around my housing area with my dad by my side and my lil bro at the passenger seat. I tried my dad's "line". 
 "Hello, Captain Yong speaking here. Have a safe ride" (yea, I emphasized "safe ride") 
Bro:*pretends* (started sobbing)呜呜... LOL 
My driving is not that bad k. Dad said my driving improved~ Wee~~ xD

All the best to all who got the JPA interview! =) 
I was doing some course research thingy and I found this.

Okay, It's so totally not what I can do, I'm in arts stream FYI. I've been affected by BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET show. Everyone in that show is doing their part to create a sustainable environment. There's definitely a part for me to play but I don't know where's my part yet (>.<) I just watched this =) Thought you peeps might want to watch LOL. Why do chairs have to be four legged? LOL

Ytd, I msn-ed Aaric. He said something like do music or photography. Okay..(>.<)
I went to Wynne's blog, checked out her Top Songs. hmmm, Michael Buble ^^ Youtube-d and saw the Music Video. I thought the lady in the MV is pretty =) 
I've been praying and thinking so hard I just can't go to sleep. What do I want? What do I want to be? What does God wants me to do?

Today, I flipped the Star newspaper. Waseh, the edu part was like CPA CPA CPA. okay, I did research on CAT and ACCA, but I'm so not sure that I'm fit for it. I don't hate accounts, not very crazy about it either.
Michael Buble is on newspaper?! Okie... It turns out that "pretty lady" is his fiancee, nice!
UiTM student won the photography award and he was chosen by Steve McCurry himself. *wow*

Wait...Accounting...Music...Photography?! *hard to digest dy*

God speaks in different ways, yes?

I'll put the choices out, rate them, see which has more stars (*) and er, let you peeps know? =) I mean, you are reading my blog, so I assume you want to know *ahahaa* *perasan* xD Thanks a lot, serious =) I just need a reader. A reader today, a leader tomorrow xD okay, that doesn't fit the situation LOL

Monday, 5 April 2010

I haven't mastered the art of self portrait using my still quite new camera phone

Resurrection Sunday 2010

Me and Jasmine after her performance. Shiny teeth xD

Jasmine and me LOL
*using the second camera of the dual cam function, can see ourselves so manage to take a better ratio of us LOL. Lower quality though.*

It was my debt to pay but HE paid it ALL for us... 
Happy Resurrection Sunday! =)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Random pics and random post are my specialties, yea? xD

The kid after my turn for piano class. *Concentrating*


Did some window shopping~ Off to Speedy and Popular!

Anime version of Nodame Cantabile~! =O

Europe *special*
*iwantiwantiwant* too LOL even I've watched it  on Youtube LOL

The anime version =O

I bought this. After watching part of it, I still like the real person version. The anime version is kinda cute though =)

I can spend all day in Popular xD
*such a cheapo reader*

Remember this post bout Kor Oon Ee?=> The results? *drum rolls*

Woots~! Photogenic xD

I drove to work!! xD Gave my dad a fright LOL. I didn't drive since the day I passed my driving test, which was 2 weeks ago?

"We were the reason that He gave His Life..."
Good Friday is good, What Jesus did on the cross... it's out of LOVE.
God is Good =) Have a blessed one =)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Finally, the clerk called, my license is ready! I'm suppose to get it last week. We called, asking whether we could collect it. And guess what? They say they haven't process it. They needed a copy of my IC and my L license. I mean, how am I suppose to know what to provide when they did not tell? Moral of the story: call the driving center 3days after you had your driving test to make sure they process it. Don't wait for a week, 'cuz you might just have to wait for ANOTHER week (like me LOL).

My dad had 3 ambitions, Doctor, Engineer and Lecturer. I'll say he achieved 2.5 out of 3. Maybe more soon. I would like to teach and educate people on (to be filled in/blank for now/my passion?).

My piano teacher can't travel to Shah Alam so she passed 2 students to me, Tammy and Felicia. English lessons for Tammy (I beg my pardon? Me teaching Eng? LOL) and Piano lessons for the sisters. I accepted the offer because it's a good exposure for me. I might be able to drive myself there soon xD Kids are sometimes easier to communicate if compared to grown ups LOL. Children's Church trained me to be able to communicate with kids. My lil bro communicates with me in a different way, I guess LOL. Well, I've just started my first class and it's quite early to say anything but I did have fun =) I guess my "part time job" will either make or break my er...ambition? *teehee* Anyway, Praise God! =)

Random shot
Looking back? or looking forward?

Btw, I don't celebrate April Fool xD