Saturday, 10 April 2010

Call from JPA

Ready for some random photos? xD 

It says JPA

Mr. Yong Jr. LOL 
My dad wore the same tie for 3 days I think ^^

I love to blog about my family but they are so camera shy. My sis is a fake-camera shy LOL.

Scare you with my face first *teehee*

So yea, I got a call from JPA ytd. I NEVER thought I'll get the JPA interview. I'm so nervous wey! The last interview I had was for librarian intake which was 3 years ago! I applied for local Sastera ikhtisas which I'm not too sure what is that but Accounting is definitely in it =) Searching for my certs @@ I don't think I receive a cert for my UNSW English Competition...hmm... AND my letter does not have a date on it =O like, how am I suppose to know which day I have to go to PICC? Ng Cin Yan, Ng Shu Yin and Ng Sue Huey are the few of the lucky ones, don't know what I mean? You don't have to LOL. Pray for me. God bless. Ta' =)