Thursday, 22 April 2010


I've always wanted to make my own eco-enzyme/garbage enzyme but I ALWAYS give myself excuses... no time, no mood etc =P After SPM, I've decided... NO MORE! MUST DO! so I did =)

I use this formula
1 portion of brown sugar:
3 portions of vegetables/fruit peels (no meat pls!):
10 portions of water
(1:3:10) easy to remember =)

I put all these goodies (LOL) in an Air-tight container until it's 2/3 of the container's volume (Gases may form during fermentation), left it in a cool, dry place/avoid direct exposure to sunlight and let it ferment for 3 months. I did open the cap everyday to let the gas out, only for the first month though =) I used only orange peels 'cuz I was scared it will be smelly and I'll give up halfway =( BUT...It did not! Seriously. *makes a serious face*

After 3 months...
 Tah-dah! =)

I've filtered the enzyme.Yea... pouring it from one container to another. If it smells, I think I won't even dare to touch the container LOL. It's suppose to be brown like that...I think...LOL. The residue is a perfect compose for the garden's plants ^^. The enzyme acts as an all-in-1 household detergent (come on, give me a *wow*! LOL) I've haven't used it yet. My mum will scream if I use it for the floor =P Maybe during the weekends, I'll use it to wash the cars =)

Wait for my review yea ^^