Thursday, 1 April 2010

Finally, the clerk called, my license is ready! I'm suppose to get it last week. We called, asking whether we could collect it. And guess what? They say they haven't process it. They needed a copy of my IC and my L license. I mean, how am I suppose to know what to provide when they did not tell? Moral of the story: call the driving center 3days after you had your driving test to make sure they process it. Don't wait for a week, 'cuz you might just have to wait for ANOTHER week (like me LOL).

My dad had 3 ambitions, Doctor, Engineer and Lecturer. I'll say he achieved 2.5 out of 3. Maybe more soon. I would like to teach and educate people on (to be filled in/blank for now/my passion?).

My piano teacher can't travel to Shah Alam so she passed 2 students to me, Tammy and Felicia. English lessons for Tammy (I beg my pardon? Me teaching Eng? LOL) and Piano lessons for the sisters. I accepted the offer because it's a good exposure for me. I might be able to drive myself there soon xD Kids are sometimes easier to communicate if compared to grown ups LOL. Children's Church trained me to be able to communicate with kids. My lil bro communicates with me in a different way, I guess LOL. Well, I've just started my first class and it's quite early to say anything but I did have fun =) I guess my "part time job" will either make or break my er...ambition? *teehee* Anyway, Praise God! =)

Random shot
Looking back? or looking forward?

Btw, I don't celebrate April Fool xD