Saturday, 3 April 2010

Random pics and random post are my specialties, yea? xD

The kid after my turn for piano class. *Concentrating*


Did some window shopping~ Off to Speedy and Popular!

Anime version of Nodame Cantabile~! =O

Europe *special*
*iwantiwantiwant* too LOL even I've watched it  on Youtube LOL

The anime version =O

I bought this. After watching part of it, I still like the real person version. The anime version is kinda cute though =)

I can spend all day in Popular xD
*such a cheapo reader*

Remember this post bout Kor Oon Ee?=> The results? *drum rolls*

Woots~! Photogenic xD

I drove to work!! xD Gave my dad a fright LOL. I didn't drive since the day I passed my driving test, which was 2 weeks ago?

"We were the reason that He gave His Life..."
Good Friday is good, What Jesus did on the cross... it's out of LOVE.
God is Good =) Have a blessed one =)