Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A mark that stays

What do I want? What do I want to be? What does God wants me to do?

Before SPM, EVERYBODY was so excited 'cuz we say that we have plans after SPM. We say we want to do this and that, pursue this and that. Well, I did say. What about now? If you ask me, I'm stuck between Music and Accounting =(

It was time for my class, I was excited 'cuz I get to drive (I know, I get excited so easily LOL) Me and dad were about to get into the car when he spotted a letter on it. I quickly recognize the letter, APPEAL LETTER. I quickly tear it open and glance through. *takes a deep breath*

A mark that stays.. get it? LOL
I thought I'm suppose to get this letter later? like in JUNE?!

Well, not to show off or whatsoever, I would like to blog my experiences with the SPM subjects. I was interested to know how each subject went for my seniors but they didn't seem to share much =/ Yea, I took tuition for 3 subjects.

Bahasa Melayu A+
I started Grace Tay Form 5 tuition. She helped me tremendously, not only my grades improved (better than I were in F3 and F4), I started to like Bahasa Melayu, serious! Tuition is like you keep writing karangans, rumusans, do komsas until you are really comfortable with it LOL?

Bahasa Inggeris A+
I can write, but not in a very artistic, flowery manner. A2 for my GCE-O

Pengetahuan Moral B+
What can you tell from here? I have NO MORAL? It's merely a grade, I believe I should practice moral, not just study it. I did expect an A. I memorized ALL the definition of the nilais

Sejarah A
One of the reasons I blog is I have the worse memory ever! I often refer to my blog to refresh my memory of what I did last time. Eg: for certain event, what I did before and what I have not done. History is interesting, but if you want to test me on the names of whatever, don't! (>.<) I did not expect an A.

Mathematics A
I loveee Maths. Every Monday til Friday, there's a Maths period and most of the time there's homework. Complete it EVERY TIME and maths shouldn't be a problem =)

Science A+
If I say love Maths, I love science even more. I don't know why. Maybe it's just so fun and interactive in class LOL.It made me pay attention during class. Experiments <3

Additional Mathematics A-
I never got higher than a C in my school exams, usually a FAILED. I went to tuition from June 2009 til October 2009. Of course I feel bad when I failed, Pn. Tang is so dedicated when she teach and yet a failed I got? 真的是对不起她 =(

Prinsip Perakuanan A
Never an A in school exam, only a mere pass. If you ask why I went to the sub-arts stream, I'm more the "arts" compare to the "science", if you get what I meant. Until I realize I missed out a major detail... it's in BM! Now I'm confused. 5 months of tuition helped =)

Ekonomi Asas A
I like this subject. Just need to study, understand the concept, know the way to answer the questions(got method wan you know LOL) and ta-dah, you know your basic econs.

Bahasa Cina B+
Same, I can't write in an artistic, flowery manner. Understandable yes LOL. Yi Jen did a good job giving me random test on 名句 and all =)

Bible Knowledge (After appealing) E
The first thing my class teacher said when she passed me my SPM result slip was:"You didn't study your Bible a?" I study and understand my Bible more than I did with my History. My friends, if you know, you'll know, and you'll know what I'm talking about. I still Praise God for my results.

3A+ 4A 1A- 2B+ 1E

What's done is done.

"I'm not ashamed of the gospel.."