Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mun Yan, Eileen, Yue Wan, Fiona and I went out to Sunway Pyramid yesterday. I miss the rest =( hopefully we'll have another gathering, yea? ^^ 
The ONLY pic I've taken during the outing:

*drum rolls*
Mun Yan's lomo camera!!! *limited edition wey*
Isn't it a beauty? Kumagin <3
We went hunting for films so we can snap some pics with the lomo cam =) 2 out of 2 camera shops we went told us "No stock". Oh well...
Anyway, Mun Yan's having her exams soon, no time for lomo-ing so the oh-so-kind Mun Yan let me bring it back and experiment it first. Aw~ *touched*

Filling lunch at Wong Kok. We chatted a lot, yea? LOL

I'm not into makeups. When we were in Etude House, I tried on the testers LOL. Well, the white and purple are the ones I bought from The Face Shop and Elianto respectively some time ago. Just can't leave that 2 fingers er.. unpainted? xP
The shoes I got for the interview ain't made for walking. note to self

Sunday, 18th April 2010

Life is a experience...

Su Xian is going to Singapore for her studies!!! I can't believe how much I missed her already *sobs* 
I guess I got to DECIDE, FINALIZE, KEEP PRAYING on what to study too. *gan jiong*

Some lighter reads LOL:
My bro purposely want (part of) his head in my S.S. pic LOL?

...and again.
I can't help it but to just LOL...? xD

I want to say Hi to ALL of you but after that, I'm not sure what to say or how to continue the conversation... but anyway, Hi! Take care peeps! =)