Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My JPA interview experience

I will try to spill out every detail here, might be useful for my juniors. *teehee* 

If you stalk view my Twitter or Facebook, yes! I do not have a set of proper formal clothing. T-shirt rocks xP Anyway, got 'em on Monday (a day before the day)

 I can see myself wearing these shoes again (me likey ^^) 
but the long sleeves and pants... maybe

Got the necessary papers certified by my alma mater's headmaster, Dr. Chin. Phew~ what a busy day.

The day, Tuesday 13th April 2010

It's my mum's birthday =) Had a simple dinner last Sunday. 
Dad fetched me to Putrajaya. He knows the way well =) It was raining.

On the way~

I love the structure~

My interview was scheduled on 5pm but all of us were required to be there 30 mins earlier. Reached there about 4.10pm. Went to the toilet before going up the escalator (too many details? you don't want to get more panic when you can't find the toilet LOL). Walked pass those anxious parents (LOL) and there's a table. The ppl-in-charge asked for my panel (I'm in panel 7) and told me the room to go to. I walk until I reached room 17 LOL. Register there. I wasn't the only one early. My interview-buddies saw me but didn't do anything. I didn't know who was my interview-buddies until I asked the person-in-charge (how smart xP) I sat down beside a girl and started the conversation. I thought I was nervous but I was totally not! They have Wifi there so I tweeted *teehee* Another girl was LATE. She was suppose to be in the 4pm batch but she came late for-dunno-wat-reason-but-its-nt-cuz-she-cant-find-the-place. After the officer sounded her (or something), 6 of us were asked to line up and prepare to go in to the room. I'm no.6 =)

I let you imagine a bit xP I'm not a racist, I just have to use words so you can imagine properly.

From left side, Malay man from JPA, Malay man from U?M (I forgot), Malay lady from JPA
The chairman(the one who talks most of the time) is the Malay man from the Uni.

now, imagine my interview-buddies. 
I forgot which is which no. cuz I think we were jumbled up after the discussion but I just let you imagine from what I remember xD

No.1 Malay guy. slightly tanned. 
Applied for Diploma in (forgot what =.=) Engineering in Japan

No.2 Chinese guy frm Chung Hwa Independent ('cuz when I went to take back my folder, I saw his folder after mine's)
Applied for Sastera Ikthisas but was hoping to change course 'cuz he wants to do Environmental Managment (salute him!)
Started MUFY

No.3 Chinese girl who talked to me
Applied for local science
NS 2nd batch. She came all the way from Perak

No.4 Malay guy
Applied for Diploma in (forgot what =.=) Engineering in Japan

No.5 Chinese girl (the one who was late)
Applied for dunno what =.= I think she wanted to change course too but can't-lah.

No.6 Yours truly ^^
Applied for local Sastera ikthisas

Questions asked for my case:
First part
-Introduce yourself (answer in BM)
Name, Secondary school, extra-curricular activities, Family (Parents occupation, siblings). About 3 mins 
-Why choose this course and Why you want to study in xx country?

Discussion Part (answer and discuss in English)
-What living skills and values make a person successful? (not the exact words)
We were given 5 mins to discuss among ourselves.

Last part
Ask questions you want to ask JPA
Basically the rest asked whether they can change course, when the results will be released etc. I didn't ask 'cuz I kinda know things about JPA from my dad LOL.

My Tips for you:
1. Be very sure of what you are applying and which country you want to go that is being offered by JPA
No.5 (refer to my interview buddies) mentioned Actuarial Science.
FYI: Actuarial Science for year 2010 is NOT OFFERED by JPA, it's under MARA scholarship which means non-bumi can't apply.
She actually applied for economics. When asked which country she hopes to go for her studies,  she answered: "Australia".
Double FYI: Australia ain't one of the countries JPA sends students to for that course. That's what the interviewers told her and it's stated in the list of courses we saw on the JPA site.
Why is it a tip? You don't want the interviewers to question whether you truly understand what you are applying for.

2. Be punctual! 
It's one of the points my group came out with during the discussion. It's vital for a successful person you know =)

3. Don't say you don't know.
If the interviewers ask Why you choose this course and Why you want to study in xx country, answering " I don't know" (for me-lah) it's not a good answer. There MUST be a reason. 

4.Don't be nervous.
'cuz your interview-buddies can feel it, believe it or not?

5. Smile =)
You're in your tidy formal wear and the only thing left to complete the look is your smile =)

Thank God that you've made it here =)

Leon asked whether I got my interview-buddies' Facebook. NO!!!! =( They went off so fast. I actually tried to stop them and I even wanted to ask the Chinese guy why he wants to do environmental management because I've been wanting to do that after I've been brain washed by Big Ideas For a Small planet  but... oh, nvm. If they see this, they will think I'm extra bossy extra bad talker extra SS. oh well, at least I didn't take a self portrait in front of you all in the waiting area xD

After the interview
I love the lighting
FYI: my mum bought that bag for my grandma but my grandma finds it unsuitable for her so she passed it to me ^^


Dad uses his engineering knowledge and explained to me the function of ... is that a dam ar? LOL.

Dad shoots! xD

He loves that tie ^^

I had fun =) It's truly a great experience for me. The chairman said something like "Nasib baik (thank goodness) you didn't get interviewed by your father" LOL. Whether or not I get the scholarship, it's God's plan, I've done my part =) Thanks for praying and wishing me, peeps! =)

Oh yea, I took the lil cuttings of paper from Childrens' Church, stuff it in my pencil case and brought it home for recycle. I'm not insane k, just doing the right thing. Comments? xD