Friday, 16 April 2010

Piano class random

Prepared to go to piano class =) Weather so HOT =.="""" sweating like mad LOL.

Since I have a dual camera, I can take this pic ^^ If not, I have to blind point and shoot = camera facing self and mirror, hoping it will have the self (shoulder) and mirror (me) in the frame LOL

This is the usual mirror shoot

Blah... I explained so much. Actually, the main thing is that... it's just so RANDOM xD

This is how I stick my piano pages
I don't use a LONG tape and stick the papers together from top to bottom, the paper will some how crumble =( Instead, I use 3 shorter tapes to stick at the top, center and bottom. Oh yea, I had to photostat my piano pieces from the original books 'cuz my teacher got to really conteng vandalize my scores so I can remember how to play the dynamics etc. properly xP

At teacher's place, so bored so.. you know ^_*

The salt and pepper dispenser? LOL

Deco for the stairs

I was not selected for local matric, still feeling fine =) Noah didn't get it too but he has FULL As! =O Eileen got it *woots!* Congrats dear! ^^