Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Project Alpha Season 2

I didn't watch the whole series of the Season 1. Hello~ SPM (>.<) 
Well, I'm bored sometimes at this point of time *sigh* what on earth I'm talking about?!

Anyway, Project Alpha is Malaysia's first online TV Show about top bloggers. 

One of my personal fave for this season er... hmm.. how to say ar.., I read The Star newspaper a lot, not very much for the news but more for articles LOL. Nicolekiss.blogspot.com writes a column there and so does Nikicheong.com. also, check out http://www.rage.com.my/ =)  So it's kinda nice to see what kind of person they are in real life (er..moving motion?) other than in written words (er, static? =P) *hand smacks head* I better let the video do the talking LOL.

Niki Cheong =)

After you've watched this episode, watch the rest too if you are interested =)