Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Text message: (extract) (my inner thoughts)

Zi Wang: 
"Is your dad here at PICC as one of the interviewers?!" (I received the 2nd msg before I received the 1st one LOL)
"I just met your dad! Wow he's cool (LOL?!) I introduced myself as Jeff." (What? Why? LOL)
"Too bad I didn't have the chance to converse with him. Say how good a girl you are (how bad a boy I am lo? xD) how you blog about him etc xD (woots!)
"I went up, said hi and shook his hand. It's like saying hi to a celebrity leh xD." (*paused* celebrity? what??! is that my dad?)

I asked my mum what my dad wore today. "Coat and tie". No wonder-lah... I don't see my dad in coat and tie very often, house clothes? yes, EVERYDAY. He's more of a family man =) Dad came back quite late today (7pm, late leh, usually he's back by 6pm if no night classes). Zi Wang is smart to introduce himself as Jeff, my dad remembers the name but not the face. Dad interviewed so many ppl today leh @@ Anyway, so far nobody from Kwang Hua got my dad as their interviewer and that includes Zi Wang LOL.
Anyway, this year is not much of a shock yet. Last year, Turk texted:"What is your dad doing in Putrajaya?" LOL. I forgot how I answered but I think it was funny. Oh yea, and Loon Han's reaction when I told him my dad interviewed him LOL. *don't smack me*

Ytd evening, I drove around my housing area with my dad by my side and my lil bro at the passenger seat. I tried my dad's "line". 
 "Hello, Captain Yong speaking here. Have a safe ride" (yea, I emphasized "safe ride") 
Bro:*pretends* (started sobbing)呜呜... LOL 
My driving is not that bad k. Dad said my driving improved~ Wee~~ xD

All the best to all who got the JPA interview! =) 
I was doing some course research thingy and I found this.

Okay, It's so totally not what I can do, I'm in arts stream FYI. I've been affected by BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET show. Everyone in that show is doing their part to create a sustainable environment. There's definitely a part for me to play but I don't know where's my part yet (>.<) I just watched this =) Thought you peeps might want to watch LOL. Why do chairs have to be four legged? LOL

Ytd, I msn-ed Aaric. He said something like do music or photography. Okay..(>.<)
I went to Wynne's blog, checked out her Top Songs. hmmm, Michael Buble ^^ Youtube-d and saw the Music Video. I thought the lady in the MV is pretty =) 
I've been praying and thinking so hard I just can't go to sleep. What do I want? What do I want to be? What does God wants me to do?

Today, I flipped the Star newspaper. Waseh, the edu part was like CPA CPA CPA. okay, I did research on CAT and ACCA, but I'm so not sure that I'm fit for it. I don't hate accounts, not very crazy about it either.
Michael Buble is on newspaper?! Okie... It turns out that "pretty lady" is his fiancee, nice!
UiTM student won the photography award and he was chosen by Steve McCurry himself. *wow*

Wait...Accounting...Music...Photography?! *hard to digest dy*

God speaks in different ways, yes?

I'll put the choices out, rate them, see which has more stars (*) and er, let you peeps know? =) I mean, you are reading my blog, so I assume you want to know *ahahaa* *perasan* xD Thanks a lot, serious =) I just need a reader. A reader today, a leader tomorrow xD okay, that doesn't fit the situation LOL