Monday, 26 April 2010


Class was canceled 'cuz Tammy is sick =( She scored the HIGHEST in class for her English test *whee~xP* It's good that I rested at home, wasn't feeling that well. Anyway, I didn't skip DG =) I got well around 2pm. Praise God.

What I learned from DG this time?
On career:
A reminder telling me that what I study is one thing, what I work as is another thing, what I end up being is also another thingy LOL. I believe God has a plan for me. 

Thank God for Philip and Su Kim =)

I drove back from DG =). It's the first time I use the Touch n Go card LOL. 
The first toll: I stopped the car a lil far from the 'touching thingy', I got to take off my seat belt, stretch out and TOUCH! (Touch n Go pulak =.=) 
2nd toll: Too excited =P nearly dropped the card *phew*

The Voons came to my house for dinner =) Nothing much to say, they are a nice family. My sis did the pic taking *click here* while I *ahem* busy baby jaga-ing LOL.

Thank God I brought my jacket along to church on Sunday. It was cold, maybe it's just me. Sermon by Pastor Swee Ming. I can't possibly "repeat" the whole sermon here, but I believe I got to use my talents and Spiritual gift for God's kingdom. 
If you go "blah, this fellow keep talking about God la church la etc", sorry, I believe in God =) And didn't my HUGE BLOG HEADER warned you? xP

I didn't know Win Li started her Diploma in Music in Yamaha until recently! I'm digging details on that. Form 6 intake is around the corner. I don't know why I am so anxious @@

Random pic:

Justin has really nice sport shoes and it matches his outfit. For a few times, we played the shoe game where he touch his shoes and mine, look at me and smile and he repeats the whole process LOL.

"Are you looking at me?" LOL
It's my 2nd time shopping online. The 1st time was a lil hassle. I paid on Wednesday and only got the parcel on Saturday, late. Not to mention, the buttons started coming out and I had to sew it back =.= not going back to that shopping site. *PHOBIA* but not anymore LOL

I paid Tanksfor5 on Thursday after cut off time (post office has delivery timings) and I got the parcel on Saturday before my lunch time. My mum was like:"efficient wor" compared to the previous time.

Well, I don't shop unnecessary and I try to cut down as much as possible. close to 0 shopping. This time, I just need to get a tank top to wear at home 'cuz the weather is so HOT (>.<) You know how much carbon footprint is produced just to shipped the goods, pesticides needed to plant cotton... *Kim starts to blah*

Is there any shops or online stores that sells clothes made of organic cotton? I can't find here in Malaysia =.=
*Big ideas for a small planet aftermath* xD

Helping Kor Oon-Ee to key in some songs, might take a while. *me so slow* I'll try to update as "frequent" as I can =3 I didn't even have time to test the eco-enzyme...
Ta', Back to business *teehee*