Sunday, 30 May 2010

Youth '10

Yup! After spamming my own and others' Twitter and Facebook (lol), I finally got the permission to go to Youth '10 on Saturday even I had flu x) My mum was checking on Friday night and saw the catchy Youth '10 banner. She asked me whether I'm going to PWTC for this event and she said it looked interesting~

And one more thing, I'm not complaining. This is what I got from my 2 MP non-zoom cam phone. I was close to being crazy-kind-of mad, but *controlcontrolcontrol* must! LOL but I do missed the times with Cammy. oh well, before I get emo...

Registration counter

One of the reasons I went to Youth '10 is 'cuz of the conferences =)

Friendly reminder: You can ignore the pics, the low quality is really unbearable =O

Paul Moss!

Yuri Wong!
When I was browsing the Youth '10 schedule on-line, I thought:"This guy looks familiar... oh! Xandria Ooi's fiancee!" LOL He proposed to Xandria in one of her shows =)

Failed stalking Niki Cheong LOL.

Listened to a few other talks. Tired of taking *double thumbs down* pics.

jfk, the MC

"Who wants the Maybank bag?"

Seriously, the conference wasn't boring at all! Learned quite a few things =) And of course, I don't agree on EVERYTHING they say, I forgot what was it, but I do remember the ones I agreed on like it's up to you to believe or not to believe what ppl blogged/talked/etc. about. I don't think it's in the exact words after my brain translated what my ears had listened to xP

There was a request on the sms screen asking Phat Fabes to dance but he didn't la LOL.

 Shopping area

Sports area

Oh yea, the buddies for the day was Mun Yan, Leon and Zi Wang =)

Me, Mun Yan and her new fedora hat =)
S.S-ing ain't really guys' stuff huh? LOL

Headed home around 6pm. Was at KL sentral when the announcement came, Batu Tiga is flooded! We went back to Pasar Seni, separated into Shah Alam and Klang groups and took a bus home. Thank God for Mun Yan, I have NEGATIVE knowledge on taking public buses T.T

Home safely about 9pm phew~ what a long day =)

Tanksfor5 was there at the shopping area! =) The owner have a *new* blog shop that sells lip balm.
Strawberries and Champagne *yum*
Next time, I aim for Rootbeer float, what an addict I am x)

Facebook  Kimberly Yong - Mozilla Firefox 5302010 62515 PM

Bought it from I don't know what booth for RM13.90 =)

Another Random thing LOL: 
sent Turk aka Ter Wei his birthday msg, he replied and asked how is my Form 6 life. 
(Not the exact words)
Me: Ok lu
Turk: I heard from my friends that they enjoy messing around with you juniors. They said you thin max wor
Me: Any advice, doc turk?
Turk: Eat more sleep more play more =)

Special thanks to the buddies of the day =) Next time, anyone? xD

God bless =)

Friday, 28 May 2010

My 3rd week in Form 6

On the way to church. The Sun is getting hotter and hotter, or it's just me feeling the heat? LOL. Color code for this week's Children's church is Green. It's my church's 35th Anniversary btw =)

In between worship practice, Jas came up ^^
My dual cam phone not bad huh xP

Me and Jas
Anemic and Normal
Not very obvious 'cuz I feel the hot weather and was moving around=more blood flow?  
apa logic ni xD

Wohoo~ I tried hard not to LOL when 6A1 went up the stage to sing High School Klang's song during assembly. I totally didn't expected it even though on FB there were ppl talking bout when it will happen and the culprit *ahem* told me how he got his class the moment of fame on stage. *don't hit me* School life is interesting =) 

My form teacher made my whole class buy EVERYTHING in the Koperasi list which includes socks (we got white socks dy la, plus it doesn't fit very nicely) and small exercise books (Form 6 is pre-U rite? Why use 'em when most teachers want us to use text pad?). I didn't pay her ANYTHING yet. I shouldn't compare STK with Kwang Hua, trying not to..

And seriously, maybe Kwang Hua students can think well 'cuz of the delicious nice healthy canteen food they have. I totally turned blur. Example? I thought I heard there's RnD today, manatau... My ears and mind not cooperating well =(

I would say this is so far one of the nicest day after I started Form 6 LOL.
Met a new girl, Shireen. I was surprised that we have so many mutual friends =)

I applied to be a Librarian. There was a meeting. We were put into groups. I'm in the Perasmian group aka the Opening Ceremony group for (Bulan Pusat Sumber) Our Resource Center Month.

Alex bro texted me LOL. I didn't know he has connection in STK =/

Yea, I still keep in touch with my senior =) Although I haven't got him anything, he said keeping in touch is good enough. According to him, many juniors forgot about their senior after the Signature day O.o My senior told me to get all the stuffs I need straight from Koperasi and tell the teacher that I bought the stuff LOL.

For MUET, there's listening, speaking, writing and reading test right? Why weren't we trained up that way from young? For Tammy's school (Taiwanese school), their exam system is like MUET's. For this week, I guide her in preparing for her speaking test. The titled given was "My favorite country". She's good =)

Ping Pong club meeting. In the competition group. Group leader, Yu Shi Yang aka Mr. STK LOL.

Some ppl came in and out of 6B5, my Maths S teacher goes headache when there's an addition to the class who does not have Add Maths basic LOL. For the first time, my class went in the Multimedia Room, just for 10 mins though LOL. Tak jadi attend Photography's Club meeting. I got to practice MORE piano. Started Debussy's Arabesque No. 2 ^^ The sheet aint cheap but it's worth it. Got my pencil case back, left it in teacher's house the week before LOL.

Spilled my mints all over my bag. How did it come out from the container??!

Morning straight touch Black Beauty =3 Typed the letter for Ping Pong club =) And,

A random pic of me in the morning LOL.

Youth 10 anyone? =) Get your free ticket before Fri 12.01 am!

Random: my pics in this post very GREEN hor? yea, it's green, the cam make it looked yellow LOL


Saturday, 22 May 2010

My 2nd week in Form 6

Sunday: Went to Tesco to hunt for sweets for OW (Orientation week)

Some ppl don't know how to read signs, LESS THAN 10 items lo, they still queue up to pay for MORE than 10 items swt.

And great, I saw Chris Long there but I was too busy looking for sweets =.= sorry..

Monday: Teacher's Day =) Basically just sat in the school's hall listening to speeches, watching performances etc. Went home, back pain =( I can't sit long. I have this restless legs syndrome lol? Blame it on Anemia. Oh, and for the brittle nails.

Tuesday: 1st Day of OW. Some student council committee said I made my Bee wrongly =( I added a yellow sting to Bee and 1 committee said must be black. Changed it when I got home lo. Mostly speeches on stuff like extra-curricular marks grading, STPM etc. Went home late. Took some shots =) 100% unedited  I played with the natural lighting.

FYI: STK aka Sekolah Tinggi Klang is literally beside the grave. Sekolah Tepi Kubur is what I heard from some ppl LOL.

Different angle of my shots brings out different amount of light.

This happens to be my favorite shot of the day xD

Gonna rain

Wednesday: Manatau some ppl STILL have yellow sting and it seems like it doesn't matter dy  =.= The search of foster =)
古惑仔?! LOL
It's Yi Jen's handwriting btw =)

Shh~! My foster added me on FB on Tuesday so I know who is my foster already LOL. He pretend not to know =P Anyway, he's nice =) He helped me get signatures from seniors. Some committee said I bullied him, so totally no! 

I'm still thinking of what to get for him as a Thank You gift, any ideas peeps? I'm quite sure my senior is busy studying now for his exams and not many peeps read my bloggie~ I took super long to think what to get for Wei Yan and Kor for their birthday, Kor's memang long, still owe him New Zealand Natural =(

I signed up for Photography Club, Christian Union, BSM and Ping Pong club. Hmm, I think some ppl are waiting with excitement to torture the juniors which includes me!.

I had to go home at 4pm 'cuz I have class plus having to skip my break time and lunch makes me gonna faint anytime =/ Never in my life I've skipped lunch and now yes 'cuz of the prolonged activities swt. My parents doesn't know, know dy den cham. 

My team, Team No.18 stayed back til 6pm to practice the dance steps for the next day. Sorry team =( Managed to postpone the class and start at 5.30pm. Tammy was tired so it was just piano class for Felicia. Was feeling down but music and kids cheered me up =) They just came back from Taiwan recently and they got me this.

I love Hello Kitty already xD
Hello Kitty

Back pain at night *ouch* Sensitive back. That's why I need my bed *click*.

Left my bottle in the hall
The song that were chosen for my team was 一支小雨伞 which means 1 small umbrella LOL. *click to listen to the song*

Apparently, the team was in chaos when they stayed back, from what Shinh Nian said. Most of the dance steps was done on this very same day! The performance started straight after recess, not much time for more practice. It turned out well =) Praise God. I truly appreciate my team for being so co-operative and my team leader for being a listener =) Our group leader won the BEST leader award, nice! ^^

Ready to take on the stage

The closing reminds of Kwang Hua Librarian's Farewell, I love my juniors =3

Left my pencil case in Piano Teacher's house *what's wrong with me?*

Friday: I rather study than to sit on the hall's floor and make my back pain LOL. Class was nice ^^ I'm thinking whether to drop my Maths S and take history but Maths S is like the only subject in English, other than MUET of cuz. Howhow?? 

Went for the Librarian Intake meeting, STILL considering =/ anyways, went to Kwang Hua again!! :D Can't wait for the combine activity =) It's like I go KH to get hugs *whee~* Su Mei said I lost weight, I can actually feel it too, I'm already under weight =/ Enjoy chatting and catching up with peeps there =) How I wished I went Kwang Hua empty stomach so I can nom on Nasi Lemak *drools* I can't stand styrofoams, it's everywhere in the Malay canteen =O talk about saving the environment *sigh*

 Left my important notebook at home *I thought I always make sure it's in my bag?!*
Nope, I didn't get JPA, was so so blur LOL.

Saturday: Drove from house to Kwang Hua, Kwang Hua to High School, High School back to house =) Tried washing mum's car with the Eco-enzyme, it worked nicely =)

Give me a reason to stay and a reason to leave...

Friday, 21 May 2010

First day of Form 6 pics

If you read my post about my first week in Form 6, these are the pics taken on my first day. 
Credits to Mun Yan =)

At my house
Me and Mun Yan
first day of f6 1

This makes me wider xD
first day of f6 2

And yes, 1st day of school... NO ELECTRICITY! sweating like mad. Can tell it from my face huh?

Lomolomo, nobody say can't bring lomo cam to school rite? xD
first day of f6 3

Me and Yi Jen. Last year, she sat beside me in class =) Anyway, she's not in the same class as I'm in now =(
first day of f6 4

My dear left after the 2nd day in Form 6. She had made her choice to continue her 2nd Semester in Foundation of Arts, in UTAR. I'll support you anyway =) miss you though.
first day of f6 5

Zhuzhu is coming back 'cuz she got JPA! Dentistry in India. Can't wait to see her =) Will update on my 2nd week in Form 6 soon.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Teacher's Day 2010 =)

What a Perfect Day to read Perfect Day =) Today strongly reminds me of my days in Kwang Hua.

Happy Teacher's Day =)  
I'm a teacher too xD
OW! *ouch* 
JPA belum keluar (>.<)


Loving Tiffany Alvord's original =)
Enjoy ^^

"But you know what, dont cry, cause everything's gonna be fine,
You know, that this will turn out wonderful" =)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

ImmaBEE =)

Hello readers of this lovely blog =) ImmaBee~ Mummy aka owner of this bloggie made me 'cuz she has to get the signature from her HM, PKEM, teachers, upper 6 seniors etc during Orientation week which is next week! Her first week in Form 6 *click* Without me, she can't even enter school. Let me show you how I came around. Mummy snapped these pics. Aw~

That's me in the making! Mummy has no idea how to make the "sharp" thingy sticking under the body. I guess that makes me a girl instead? LOL

Front part

Mummy got to make this and stick it onto the front part.

Tadah~! I hope mummy gets a good foster. Don't bully my mummy pls.

When mummy sweats, the string makes mummy so uncomfortable. Hang on there mummy, just for next week =)

In order to create me, waste came about too. Mummy is into going green but she had to do it 'cuz she don't want to be scolded =( Anyway, mummy decided to use 'em as deco for her signature book. Smart mummy =D

Ready to see me? Be prepare...


Mummy is so slim and I'm the opposite of that. Mummy fed me well =)

My antenna is so cute! It won't fall. You can ask mummy how she made 'em =)

Mummy has to wear me when she goes to school starting next Tuesday. Don't laugh at mummy or else I'll sting you. I can't wait to meet my other Bee friends =) Mummy wanted to make a bee language to make next week less stressed and more FUN. This is what she came out with.

Buzz off (go away)
Eg, Buzz off, don't bother me
Eg, Sorry, talk to you later, I'm beezy
What's buzzing? (what's up)
Eg, X: What's buzzing?
       Y: Oh, nothing, just blogging LOL.
Let's go hive (home)
Buzz you later (Talk to you later)

That's all. Maybe you can add more to the list =) Mummy's making the signature book later. She haven't buy sweets and chocs for the seniors. Wishing my mummy and all her lower 6 friends in STK all the best =)

Beez ^^

Friday, 14 May 2010

My first week in Form 6

It's so hard to look for a skirt that fits me well. This is size 27(inch). I need to wear a belt for my jeans which is size 26 leh. With my shirt tucked in...

can put my whole hand in LOL!

This post is not as long as it seems =)

Monday: Munyan teman-ed me =) She came to my house and we went to school together. After registration, we went to class, RANDOMLY. For the whole day in class, we were taught to sing High School Klang's school song and Malaysia berjaya. No electricity = no fan (>.<) ONLY my block LOL? Gao meng a~ Twitted in school. I think I had so much comfort in Kwang Hua.

Tuesday: Whole day in hall. My bad blood circulation+anemia+long legs+not enough natural cushion makes me literally suffer T.T Since it's a guy school, there are only 5 girl toilets wait...1 spoiled. I'm NOT complaining but if you want to eat, have a toilet break and reach the hall before the bell rings, girls, it's not possible. But not too bad la, if you have sunblock and is ready to stand under the Sun and sacrifice your hearing a bit. My subject combination: Econ, Accounting, Maths S. In class 6B5. 

Rule 1: Seniors are ALWAYS right. 
Rule 2: When they are wrong, refer to Rule 1.

Think it in a positive way, quite funny though =)
There was this HUGE thing going on when the committees of student council ordered us to sing countless times. Shi Yang stood up for us and there was this Facebook frenzy, mostly not so positive ones. I posted:

"My dear lower 6 friends in STK, after all the time we've spent 2day in the hall, do u think it's wise2 spend MORE TIME "replaying" what happened by posting it on FB? It's not worth your TIME and it do u no good. Let's pray4 wise leaders(seniors)4 us, WISE leaders deserve our respect. Hopefully we can identify who they are. Give a big smile when you step into school. It's not healthy holding a grudge =)"

Wednesday: In case we missed out, seniors too have FB =) after the assembly, the committees asked who was the one who posted the ACCIDENT (I assume he meant incident-lah) on FB. I mean, the incident did happened, but if there's anyone who twisted the story then that's not right lo. I missed my fave nasi lemak shop in Kwang Hua ="( No electricity, AGAIN T.T

Thursday: Started our class lesson, not bad =) Fan~~~ it's like a luxury after 2 days with NO electricity (>.<) Praise God.

Friday: Orientation week (OW) is next week! We paid and were given materials to do our costume. Quite cute wan =) Besides, we were to make a book and get HM, PKHEM, ketua-ketua bidang, ALL the Form 6 teachers (50 of them), ALL the student council committees(26 of them), at least 80 senior's signature.

First time attending STK CU. Special thanks to Shinh Nian, Dao Yi and Yi Jen for coming =) except for the part Shinh Nian and Dao Yi literally say what I want to write on the piece of paper during Games. Oh yea, we were to write 3 things about ourselves, fold 'em up, gather everyone's, draw a paper out and guess who is the person. It rained heavily. Got a ride from Pn. Nita to Kwang Hua! =) Aw, wanna cry liao T.T

The loves =)



Gary had a migraine. Kesian =(

That's Joe Siang *goes crazy*

Blessed 17th birthday, Gary Lee =)

I miss everyone!!!
Joyce! my awesome now Pres of Kwang Hua CU. Truly, we have to pray for more peeps in the afternoon session to come =)
Joe Siang! Love love this guy =) I mean, who don't? 
Cin Yi! Yay~! Cupcakes ^^ Hari Koperasi Kwang Hua is coming.
Chee Meng! Ying Khian! Cute as ever xD
Su Mei! so blessed to have an obedient librarian junior. That's good, library is doing well too =)
AND MANY PEEPS THERE! (I can go on and on and on, got to stop somewhere LOL)

Thanks for the cake =)

*I felt like making a vlog, not as dull as blogging nowadays, not many pics. Not used to NOT snapping pics around the school. What a habit I have in Kwang Hua. Wish me all the best for OW =) Immabee xD And I do respect the seniors.
God bless =)

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Sorry, I will try to update bloggie once a week. Form 6 life just started. Wish me all the best =)


Monday, 10 May 2010

Eileen's Farewell

A farewell for Eileen who is going (now went already) to Perlis to study local matriculation.
Camera credits to Mun Yan =) sorry, forgot to take out the watermark 

At her place
Comfy sofa~

Eileen ^^

Mun Yan, our driver for the day. Her driving skills not bad =)

When we were at the parking area ready to park the car in, Mercedes Benz car No. Plate BEF 8 literally snatch our parking right in front of us! Uncle, we were the ones waiting for the car to come out then you park in SWT. 3 hungry girls vs. 1 selfish uncle. Let you win-lah. You are famous already LOL.

At Eng Ann Bak Kut Teh shop beside A1 tuition center . Met up with 2 other hungry girls, Shu Yin and Yue Wan =)

I memang hungry LOL.

No place to take a group photo. Eng Ann morning market was going on outside so no choice..

At Kuan Yuan Bookstore
I set the timer then RUN! LOL
Eileen, Shu Yin, Yue Wan, Mun Yan and Me
Yue Wan and Mun Yan are wearing couple shirt xD

Mun Yan present her card for Eileen

What a shot ^^

They are going to celebrate their 10 years of friendship next year.
Ke Lin, me and you can celebrate too if you want xD
Pic on card taken during our Taman Pertanian Trip
Multitasking~ Holding cam + pointing


When was the LAST time you saw me S.S.-ing? like, so long ago? LOL
Angle a lil out =3

Went back to our Alma Mater, SMJK Kwang Hua. Had a chat with Pn. Sally. Visit the library, they painted the wall outside =)

I'm missing Eileen already ="( but I know she's got a BRIGHT future ahead and that was a choice she've made =) God bless, Zhuzhu ^^