Monday, 10 May 2010

Eileen's Farewell

A farewell for Eileen who is going (now went already) to Perlis to study local matriculation.
Camera credits to Mun Yan =) sorry, forgot to take out the watermark 

At her place
Comfy sofa~

Eileen ^^

Mun Yan, our driver for the day. Her driving skills not bad =)

When we were at the parking area ready to park the car in, Mercedes Benz car No. Plate BEF 8 literally snatch our parking right in front of us! Uncle, we were the ones waiting for the car to come out then you park in SWT. 3 hungry girls vs. 1 selfish uncle. Let you win-lah. You are famous already LOL.

At Eng Ann Bak Kut Teh shop beside A1 tuition center . Met up with 2 other hungry girls, Shu Yin and Yue Wan =)

I memang hungry LOL.

No place to take a group photo. Eng Ann morning market was going on outside so no choice..

At Kuan Yuan Bookstore
I set the timer then RUN! LOL
Eileen, Shu Yin, Yue Wan, Mun Yan and Me
Yue Wan and Mun Yan are wearing couple shirt xD

Mun Yan present her card for Eileen

What a shot ^^

They are going to celebrate their 10 years of friendship next year.
Ke Lin, me and you can celebrate too if you want xD
Pic on card taken during our Taman Pertanian Trip
Multitasking~ Holding cam + pointing


When was the LAST time you saw me S.S.-ing? like, so long ago? LOL
Angle a lil out =3

Went back to our Alma Mater, SMJK Kwang Hua. Had a chat with Pn. Sally. Visit the library, they painted the wall outside =)

I'm missing Eileen already ="( but I know she's got a BRIGHT future ahead and that was a choice she've made =) God bless, Zhuzhu ^^