Friday, 21 May 2010

First day of Form 6 pics

If you read my post about my first week in Form 6, these are the pics taken on my first day. 
Credits to Mun Yan =)

At my house
Me and Mun Yan
first day of f6 1

This makes me wider xD
first day of f6 2

And yes, 1st day of school... NO ELECTRICITY! sweating like mad. Can tell it from my face huh?

Lomolomo, nobody say can't bring lomo cam to school rite? xD
first day of f6 3

Me and Yi Jen. Last year, she sat beside me in class =) Anyway, she's not in the same class as I'm in now =(
first day of f6 4

My dear left after the 2nd day in Form 6. She had made her choice to continue her 2nd Semester in Foundation of Arts, in UTAR. I'll support you anyway =) miss you though.
first day of f6 5

Zhuzhu is coming back 'cuz she got JPA! Dentistry in India. Can't wait to see her =) Will update on my 2nd week in Form 6 soon.