Friday, 7 May 2010

Heya! =) Just a random pic to start the post LOL.

Went to the dentist. I'm not a regular patient in UiTM. The last time I went there was in the year 2006 LOL. Anyways, it was convenient for dad so went lo LOL.

From the dentist, it was the FIRST time I heard any dentist asking me to brush my teeth after EVERY MEAL. Breakfast brush, lunch brush, teatime brush, dinner brush, supper brush.

Did she meant that what I learnt about brushing my teeth was wrong? well, she is the one and only one I heard this from so NVM-la hah! If I'm not mistaken, I read an article about brushing too much. Strong toothpaste kinda irritates the lips and skin around the mouth of ppl with sensitive skin, if that makes sense o.O
She said my teeth is in good condition. No cavities, healthy gum. Besides, she told me to come back for checkup after a year. 

FYI: I normally do twice a year checkups, One time in school, One in Clinic.
Double FYI: I brush and floss my teeth twice a day. Considered BAD hygiene if I go according to that dentist's "law".

I went there for scaling but instead, the dentist thinks it's not necessary, just need some polishing LOL? Tell me if there's something I got wrong about these info =) I'm not a science stream student lalala~


Finally got a roll of film for lomo-ing from a photo shop in Eng Ann =) RM12
The oh-so-kind-and-sweet Mun Yan... *speechless* Mun Yan let me use it first AGAIN!
I went to Eng Ann with Yue Wan, Mun Yan, Shu Yin and Eileen. Leave it for the next post =)

Got to get Form 6 uniform asap =O