Monday, 3 May 2010

I'm fine =)

Crystal received her 2nd SPM appeal letter. The BK result? Same as mine. KEKAL. Mum was like want to appeal again here and there, email the education ministry, appear on newspaper?! Dad and I were like don't need-lah, what we can do we did it already. We told ourselves we are not going to let this stop or or whatsoever. Life goes on =) I still thank God for Pn Cheah and Pastor Tan Kay Hoe. Oh yea, Pn Cheah asked my sis about my result, we all accepted what it is.

After I analyze all the subjects I've taken for SPM, you can definitely agree with "I can write, but not in a very artistic, flowery manner" from the way I blog =P

Went back to Batu Anam, Johor. Thus, missing out on a gathering =( well, it feels like I'm an intruder in the CP gathering but I want to see the girls. Aw~! Eileen is going to Perlis and Ke Lin went back to NS...

Talking about NS, my friends had so much fun and I had fun listening to stories LOL. 

1st batch, Kah Loong met Joyce C. (my blogging friend), I was like *wow* about that. Coincidence macam LOL. 

2nd batch aka the batch now, Tirzah, Ke Lin and En Tze meets =) *wow!* Ke Lin told me Tirzah asked whether Ke Lin and En Tze know me. Well, Tirzah, Ke Lin and me were prefects in Taman Rashna so I guess Ke Lin looks familiar LOL

And one more thing, they all go to church together. Nice =) I feel like volunteering for NS now =3

Don't you see? I'm back, random siao me xP

One thing I realize about blogging is that EVERYONE interprets the SAME thing DIFFERENTLY unless someone plagiarize the other.

I know my dad reads my blog. Just the other day, he read it just in front of me. I mean, what!? It just feel so weird when I actually see my dad reading it. Basically he just read a bit and see ALL of my pics. Anyone here faced the same thing? Tell me about it =)

Me and sis after church in Buloh Kasap
Told you I'm back x)

Thank God I'm not a banana. I'll explain why. It will be super difficult to communicate with my relatives, who basically speaks Mandarin if not Cantonese or Hakka. Yup, even my cousins. I'm not good at faking or pretend I know something when I don't. The church I went last Sunday is a Chinese Church. My paternal grandma only understands Hakka and Mandarin. If I don't know Mandarin, either I'm there ppl watching or we all go to an English Church and kesian my grandma leh. 

Back to the point *teehee*, I think language is a beautiful art.. No harm learning another language. For me, Chinese is my mother tongue, not another language LOL.

No offense to all earthlings who can't speak Mandarin, you are still very much loved by God =)

Batu Anam? Buloh Kasap? Yay xD 
Random is the perfect word.

I've been tweeting alot recently, thanks to my neighbour =) Not many of my friends which I know of uses twitter, but if you do, my friend, add me up, it's interesting when your friends reply tweets =)

OH dear, typing! I'm progressing so slow *faints* Ta' =)