Saturday, 15 May 2010

ImmaBEE =)

Hello readers of this lovely blog =) ImmaBee~ Mummy aka owner of this bloggie made me 'cuz she has to get the signature from her HM, PKEM, teachers, upper 6 seniors etc during Orientation week which is next week! Her first week in Form 6 *click* Without me, she can't even enter school. Let me show you how I came around. Mummy snapped these pics. Aw~

That's me in the making! Mummy has no idea how to make the "sharp" thingy sticking under the body. I guess that makes me a girl instead? LOL

Front part

Mummy got to make this and stick it onto the front part.

Tadah~! I hope mummy gets a good foster. Don't bully my mummy pls.

When mummy sweats, the string makes mummy so uncomfortable. Hang on there mummy, just for next week =)

In order to create me, waste came about too. Mummy is into going green but she had to do it 'cuz she don't want to be scolded =( Anyway, mummy decided to use 'em as deco for her signature book. Smart mummy =D

Ready to see me? Be prepare...


Mummy is so slim and I'm the opposite of that. Mummy fed me well =)

My antenna is so cute! It won't fall. You can ask mummy how she made 'em =)

Mummy has to wear me when she goes to school starting next Tuesday. Don't laugh at mummy or else I'll sting you. I can't wait to meet my other Bee friends =) Mummy wanted to make a bee language to make next week less stressed and more FUN. This is what she came out with.

Buzz off (go away)
Eg, Buzz off, don't bother me
Eg, Sorry, talk to you later, I'm beezy
What's buzzing? (what's up)
Eg, X: What's buzzing?
       Y: Oh, nothing, just blogging LOL.
Let's go hive (home)
Buzz you later (Talk to you later)

That's all. Maybe you can add more to the list =) Mummy's making the signature book later. She haven't buy sweets and chocs for the seniors. Wishing my mummy and all her lower 6 friends in STK all the best =)

Beez ^^