Saturday, 22 May 2010

My 2nd week in Form 6

Sunday: Went to Tesco to hunt for sweets for OW (Orientation week)

Some ppl don't know how to read signs, LESS THAN 10 items lo, they still queue up to pay for MORE than 10 items swt.

And great, I saw Chris Long there but I was too busy looking for sweets =.= sorry..

Monday: Teacher's Day =) Basically just sat in the school's hall listening to speeches, watching performances etc. Went home, back pain =( I can't sit long. I have this restless legs syndrome lol? Blame it on Anemia. Oh, and for the brittle nails.

Tuesday: 1st Day of OW. Some student council committee said I made my Bee wrongly =( I added a yellow sting to Bee and 1 committee said must be black. Changed it when I got home lo. Mostly speeches on stuff like extra-curricular marks grading, STPM etc. Went home late. Took some shots =) 100% unedited  I played with the natural lighting.

FYI: STK aka Sekolah Tinggi Klang is literally beside the grave. Sekolah Tepi Kubur is what I heard from some ppl LOL.

Different angle of my shots brings out different amount of light.

This happens to be my favorite shot of the day xD

Gonna rain

Wednesday: Manatau some ppl STILL have yellow sting and it seems like it doesn't matter dy  =.= The search of foster =)
古惑仔?! LOL
It's Yi Jen's handwriting btw =)

Shh~! My foster added me on FB on Tuesday so I know who is my foster already LOL. He pretend not to know =P Anyway, he's nice =) He helped me get signatures from seniors. Some committee said I bullied him, so totally no! 

I'm still thinking of what to get for him as a Thank You gift, any ideas peeps? I'm quite sure my senior is busy studying now for his exams and not many peeps read my bloggie~ I took super long to think what to get for Wei Yan and Kor for their birthday, Kor's memang long, still owe him New Zealand Natural =(

I signed up for Photography Club, Christian Union, BSM and Ping Pong club. Hmm, I think some ppl are waiting with excitement to torture the juniors which includes me!.

I had to go home at 4pm 'cuz I have class plus having to skip my break time and lunch makes me gonna faint anytime =/ Never in my life I've skipped lunch and now yes 'cuz of the prolonged activities swt. My parents doesn't know, know dy den cham. 

My team, Team No.18 stayed back til 6pm to practice the dance steps for the next day. Sorry team =( Managed to postpone the class and start at 5.30pm. Tammy was tired so it was just piano class for Felicia. Was feeling down but music and kids cheered me up =) They just came back from Taiwan recently and they got me this.

I love Hello Kitty already xD
Hello Kitty

Back pain at night *ouch* Sensitive back. That's why I need my bed *click*.

Left my bottle in the hall
The song that were chosen for my team was 一支小雨伞 which means 1 small umbrella LOL. *click to listen to the song*

Apparently, the team was in chaos when they stayed back, from what Shinh Nian said. Most of the dance steps was done on this very same day! The performance started straight after recess, not much time for more practice. It turned out well =) Praise God. I truly appreciate my team for being so co-operative and my team leader for being a listener =) Our group leader won the BEST leader award, nice! ^^

Ready to take on the stage

The closing reminds of Kwang Hua Librarian's Farewell, I love my juniors =3

Left my pencil case in Piano Teacher's house *what's wrong with me?*

Friday: I rather study than to sit on the hall's floor and make my back pain LOL. Class was nice ^^ I'm thinking whether to drop my Maths S and take history but Maths S is like the only subject in English, other than MUET of cuz. Howhow?? 

Went for the Librarian Intake meeting, STILL considering =/ anyways, went to Kwang Hua again!! :D Can't wait for the combine activity =) It's like I go KH to get hugs *whee~* Su Mei said I lost weight, I can actually feel it too, I'm already under weight =/ Enjoy chatting and catching up with peeps there =) How I wished I went Kwang Hua empty stomach so I can nom on Nasi Lemak *drools* I can't stand styrofoams, it's everywhere in the Malay canteen =O talk about saving the environment *sigh*

 Left my important notebook at home *I thought I always make sure it's in my bag?!*
Nope, I didn't get JPA, was so so blur LOL.

Saturday: Drove from house to Kwang Hua, Kwang Hua to High School, High School back to house =) Tried washing mum's car with the Eco-enzyme, it worked nicely =)

Give me a reason to stay and a reason to leave...