Friday, 28 May 2010

My 3rd week in Form 6

On the way to church. The Sun is getting hotter and hotter, or it's just me feeling the heat? LOL. Color code for this week's Children's church is Green. It's my church's 35th Anniversary btw =)

In between worship practice, Jas came up ^^
My dual cam phone not bad huh xP

Me and Jas
Anemic and Normal
Not very obvious 'cuz I feel the hot weather and was moving around=more blood flow?  
apa logic ni xD

Wohoo~ I tried hard not to LOL when 6A1 went up the stage to sing High School Klang's song during assembly. I totally didn't expected it even though on FB there were ppl talking bout when it will happen and the culprit *ahem* told me how he got his class the moment of fame on stage. *don't hit me* School life is interesting =) 

My form teacher made my whole class buy EVERYTHING in the Koperasi list which includes socks (we got white socks dy la, plus it doesn't fit very nicely) and small exercise books (Form 6 is pre-U rite? Why use 'em when most teachers want us to use text pad?). I didn't pay her ANYTHING yet. I shouldn't compare STK with Kwang Hua, trying not to..

And seriously, maybe Kwang Hua students can think well 'cuz of the delicious nice healthy canteen food they have. I totally turned blur. Example? I thought I heard there's RnD today, manatau... My ears and mind not cooperating well =(

I would say this is so far one of the nicest day after I started Form 6 LOL.
Met a new girl, Shireen. I was surprised that we have so many mutual friends =)

I applied to be a Librarian. There was a meeting. We were put into groups. I'm in the Perasmian group aka the Opening Ceremony group for (Bulan Pusat Sumber) Our Resource Center Month.

Alex bro texted me LOL. I didn't know he has connection in STK =/

Yea, I still keep in touch with my senior =) Although I haven't got him anything, he said keeping in touch is good enough. According to him, many juniors forgot about their senior after the Signature day O.o My senior told me to get all the stuffs I need straight from Koperasi and tell the teacher that I bought the stuff LOL.

For MUET, there's listening, speaking, writing and reading test right? Why weren't we trained up that way from young? For Tammy's school (Taiwanese school), their exam system is like MUET's. For this week, I guide her in preparing for her speaking test. The titled given was "My favorite country". She's good =)

Ping Pong club meeting. In the competition group. Group leader, Yu Shi Yang aka Mr. STK LOL.

Some ppl came in and out of 6B5, my Maths S teacher goes headache when there's an addition to the class who does not have Add Maths basic LOL. For the first time, my class went in the Multimedia Room, just for 10 mins though LOL. Tak jadi attend Photography's Club meeting. I got to practice MORE piano. Started Debussy's Arabesque No. 2 ^^ The sheet aint cheap but it's worth it. Got my pencil case back, left it in teacher's house the week before LOL.

Spilled my mints all over my bag. How did it come out from the container??!

Morning straight touch Black Beauty =3 Typed the letter for Ping Pong club =) And,

A random pic of me in the morning LOL.

Youth 10 anyone? =) Get your free ticket before Fri 12.01 am!

Random: my pics in this post very GREEN hor? yea, it's green, the cam make it looked yellow LOL