Friday, 14 May 2010

My first week in Form 6

It's so hard to look for a skirt that fits me well. This is size 27(inch). I need to wear a belt for my jeans which is size 26 leh. With my shirt tucked in...

can put my whole hand in LOL!

This post is not as long as it seems =)

Monday: Munyan teman-ed me =) She came to my house and we went to school together. After registration, we went to class, RANDOMLY. For the whole day in class, we were taught to sing High School Klang's school song and Malaysia berjaya. No electricity = no fan (>.<) ONLY my block LOL? Gao meng a~ Twitted in school. I think I had so much comfort in Kwang Hua.

Tuesday: Whole day in hall. My bad blood circulation+anemia+long legs+not enough natural cushion makes me literally suffer T.T Since it's a guy school, there are only 5 girl toilets wait...1 spoiled. I'm NOT complaining but if you want to eat, have a toilet break and reach the hall before the bell rings, girls, it's not possible. But not too bad la, if you have sunblock and is ready to stand under the Sun and sacrifice your hearing a bit. My subject combination: Econ, Accounting, Maths S. In class 6B5. 

Rule 1: Seniors are ALWAYS right. 
Rule 2: When they are wrong, refer to Rule 1.

Think it in a positive way, quite funny though =)
There was this HUGE thing going on when the committees of student council ordered us to sing countless times. Shi Yang stood up for us and there was this Facebook frenzy, mostly not so positive ones. I posted:

"My dear lower 6 friends in STK, after all the time we've spent 2day in the hall, do u think it's wise2 spend MORE TIME "replaying" what happened by posting it on FB? It's not worth your TIME and it do u no good. Let's pray4 wise leaders(seniors)4 us, WISE leaders deserve our respect. Hopefully we can identify who they are. Give a big smile when you step into school. It's not healthy holding a grudge =)"

Wednesday: In case we missed out, seniors too have FB =) after the assembly, the committees asked who was the one who posted the ACCIDENT (I assume he meant incident-lah) on FB. I mean, the incident did happened, but if there's anyone who twisted the story then that's not right lo. I missed my fave nasi lemak shop in Kwang Hua ="( No electricity, AGAIN T.T

Thursday: Started our class lesson, not bad =) Fan~~~ it's like a luxury after 2 days with NO electricity (>.<) Praise God.

Friday: Orientation week (OW) is next week! We paid and were given materials to do our costume. Quite cute wan =) Besides, we were to make a book and get HM, PKHEM, ketua-ketua bidang, ALL the Form 6 teachers (50 of them), ALL the student council committees(26 of them), at least 80 senior's signature.

First time attending STK CU. Special thanks to Shinh Nian, Dao Yi and Yi Jen for coming =) except for the part Shinh Nian and Dao Yi literally say what I want to write on the piece of paper during Games. Oh yea, we were to write 3 things about ourselves, fold 'em up, gather everyone's, draw a paper out and guess who is the person. It rained heavily. Got a ride from Pn. Nita to Kwang Hua! =) Aw, wanna cry liao T.T

The loves =)



Gary had a migraine. Kesian =(

That's Joe Siang *goes crazy*

Blessed 17th birthday, Gary Lee =)

I miss everyone!!!
Joyce! my awesome now Pres of Kwang Hua CU. Truly, we have to pray for more peeps in the afternoon session to come =)
Joe Siang! Love love this guy =) I mean, who don't? 
Cin Yi! Yay~! Cupcakes ^^ Hari Koperasi Kwang Hua is coming.
Chee Meng! Ying Khian! Cute as ever xD
Su Mei! so blessed to have an obedient librarian junior. That's good, library is doing well too =)
AND MANY PEEPS THERE! (I can go on and on and on, got to stop somewhere LOL)

Thanks for the cake =)

*I felt like making a vlog, not as dull as blogging nowadays, not many pics. Not used to NOT snapping pics around the school. What a habit I have in Kwang Hua. Wish me all the best for OW =) Immabee xD And I do respect the seniors.
God bless =)