Thursday, 6 May 2010


Sorry for not updating bloggie. 

I kinda set my mind to just show up on Form 6 Registration Day. If anything comes up, it's not too late to accept other offers. That's what I thought =) I haven't bought my uniform though. Was on the phone talking to Mun Yan and her mum LOL. Her mum congratulate me for choosing Form 6, how sweet of her =) Indeed, Form 6 is NOT a waste of time. Many said Form 6 is so tough etc, well, indirectly, do these ppl mean to say that ppl who chose Form 6 are tough smart? xD 

I posted this yesterday:"Random ques:what's your passion? (pls answer yea, doing sum survey =))" Thanks for the answers, peeps =) I'm still asking more ppl through FB chats and MSN.

Passion drives one hopes and dreams further, yes? I imagine waking up early in the morning and go:"Thank God, I'm working as(fill in the blanks), it's my passion" LOL?

Thanks for reading, it means something to me. You are a good reader listener.
Hanging out tmr. Excited 'cuz I get to see the girls. Not-so-excited 'cuz Eileen is leaving ='( Well, I'll get over it. Everybody's soaring~! =) I hope I am too LOL.

Cheers <3