Sunday, 30 May 2010

Youth '10

Yup! After spamming my own and others' Twitter and Facebook (lol), I finally got the permission to go to Youth '10 on Saturday even I had flu x) My mum was checking on Friday night and saw the catchy Youth '10 banner. She asked me whether I'm going to PWTC for this event and she said it looked interesting~

And one more thing, I'm not complaining. This is what I got from my 2 MP non-zoom cam phone. I was close to being crazy-kind-of mad, but *controlcontrolcontrol* must! LOL but I do missed the times with Cammy. oh well, before I get emo...

Registration counter

One of the reasons I went to Youth '10 is 'cuz of the conferences =)

Friendly reminder: You can ignore the pics, the low quality is really unbearable =O

Paul Moss!

Yuri Wong!
When I was browsing the Youth '10 schedule on-line, I thought:"This guy looks familiar... oh! Xandria Ooi's fiancee!" LOL He proposed to Xandria in one of her shows =)

Failed stalking Niki Cheong LOL.

Listened to a few other talks. Tired of taking *double thumbs down* pics.

jfk, the MC

"Who wants the Maybank bag?"

Seriously, the conference wasn't boring at all! Learned quite a few things =) And of course, I don't agree on EVERYTHING they say, I forgot what was it, but I do remember the ones I agreed on like it's up to you to believe or not to believe what ppl blogged/talked/etc. about. I don't think it's in the exact words after my brain translated what my ears had listened to xP

There was a request on the sms screen asking Phat Fabes to dance but he didn't la LOL.

 Shopping area

Sports area

Oh yea, the buddies for the day was Mun Yan, Leon and Zi Wang =)

Me, Mun Yan and her new fedora hat =)
S.S-ing ain't really guys' stuff huh? LOL

Headed home around 6pm. Was at KL sentral when the announcement came, Batu Tiga is flooded! We went back to Pasar Seni, separated into Shah Alam and Klang groups and took a bus home. Thank God for Mun Yan, I have NEGATIVE knowledge on taking public buses T.T

Home safely about 9pm phew~ what a long day =)

Tanksfor5 was there at the shopping area! =) The owner have a *new* blog shop that sells lip balm.
Strawberries and Champagne *yum*
Next time, I aim for Rootbeer float, what an addict I am x)

Facebook  Kimberly Yong - Mozilla Firefox 5302010 62515 PM

Bought it from I don't know what booth for RM13.90 =)

Another Random thing LOL: 
sent Turk aka Ter Wei his birthday msg, he replied and asked how is my Form 6 life. 
(Not the exact words)
Me: Ok lu
Turk: I heard from my friends that they enjoy messing around with you juniors. They said you thin max wor
Me: Any advice, doc turk?
Turk: Eat more sleep more play more =)

Special thanks to the buddies of the day =) Next time, anyone? xD

God bless =)