Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Monday, 28 June 2010


Dedicated to my dearies who don't see me often =)

This is how TANNED I got from my trip to Pulau Perhentian...

Boo! Scare you xD


The opening ceremony today went well except that our theme has Grammar error... 

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step

We've apologized to Pn. Kion and yea, things are good. Praise God! =) Aleksander can really speak good Malay language! *wow* Spent my whole day in library helping out in the book fair. Talked a bit here and there. Got to know my librarian mates better. Went to have lunch with some of my Perasmian group mates =)

The ladies~
Shir Li, Siew Lye and Me 
the 3 "lees" (say leeee LOL)

Talk to you the next post *teehee*

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Awesome Friday! =)

"I've been super busy. Friday the worst, Seni Foto meeting, Christian Union, Ping Pong training and Library but the day got better... tell you later in another blog post =)" 
That's what I wrote in my previous post. Here goes~ ^^
*still new to the Olympus cam so bare with the blur shots first yea*

The invaders of STK xD
Eileen, Jinslin, Wei Yan and Tien Zhi

They went around Sekolah Tinggi Klang to check out the place I'm studying. Not for long though. Next thing, we were in Wei Yan's car. Fetched Jinslin back, she just got back from Nilai Inti college =)

On the way to Kwang Hua for Library AGM~~

Me and Tien Zhi Kor
You can't deny how much we looked alike =) and how much we love durians? xD So happy to see him again. He got back from NS (explains the botak-ness LOL) and it was a great experience for him.

Wei Yan, Yaw Xian, Tien Zhi and Eileen outside Kwang Hua Library

Okay, I literally snap pics ALL THE WAY into the library. Old times =) Went in the library, it was hard to keep the juniors from not screaming xD and not to mention, hugs all the way =) just in time for their group photo *teehee*

Library Love

Me and Su Li!
Time flies, she's in Form 2 =) and I miss the blue tie =3
*You can try searching their names using the search bar on the right hand side on the blog*

Tien Zhi is a potential model. Tall and slim like me LOL. It's his First time wearing the shirt I gave him for his birthday 'cuz he scare he'll stain it. Aw~

Chew Hau, the *new* President of Kwang Hua Librarian 2010/2011 =)

Shue Xin!

Sze Yeen!

AJK list 2010/2011

Let's do the Kerja Asas =)

LOL!!! xD

One of the places I missed MAX in Kwang Hua. A place where I love to go and music is heard even though the piano is not in a very good condition. *Woots~!*

Ah... Another Favorite lepak place xD I still remember we belanja one another drinks after our library duty.

The rest of the pics I've taken has been uploaded on my FB =)

The love so strong among us, we'll cherish for life. 

Library is more than just extra marks for your extra-curriculum, more than just books, more than just seniors and juniors, it's like family... that's what I can say. 

Why is school our second home? 'cuz we are in school for most of our time? I say no, it's because the ppl treat you like family and you treat them the same. Home =) And when I go through the posts I've blogged about library *click here*, memories just floods back =) Managed to catch up with the juniors and my librarian buddies =)

*I so loyal to my school, out of STK still wearing tie LOL*

Another hectic week ahead...

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Lost count of how many days in STK LOL

Ke Lin, Yue Wan and En Tze came to STK! =) I've been super busy. Friday the worst, Seni Foto meeting, Christian Union, Ping Pong training and Library but the day got better... tell you later in another blog post =)

My foster sent me a Badminton club dedication. According to him, his friends seemed more interested in his junior and they 加料 into the dedication LOL? so cute la the seniors xD

Whee~~ Added some of these thingys on the Pyramid

A sneak peek of my job.
Aren't you curious? *teehee*
What I did for class today: 
Piano: Theory and Practice song
English: Read essay and revise for her coming exam before it's her 2 months school break! Taiwan school mah =)
Piano: Theory and Song

Extra Job: removed their peeling-old nail polish + cut their nails LOL.
I mean, as a teacher you can tell your students to keep their nails short but sometimes you just have to do it for them and tell them why it's necessary to have short nails when playing the piano. I removed the peeling-old nail polish on their nails 'cuz they eat with their hands a lot and the nail polish IS PEELING! Don't want them to ter-eat the polish. Something new for class huh? not boring at all =)

Tried out their house lift *teehee*

Tammy~~ so shy la


 Nintendo Wii~! Mario xD

I guess what they need is company, a siao-ed one xP


I ffk-ed the gathering with my dears' birthdays T.T
Missed a chance to yum cha with Alex *double cham*

anyways, *takes a deep breath and chill*

The theme for Library's month =)

Other pics are on My FB =)

Me and Shir Li will be MC-ing during Monday's assembly for the Library's month thingy *yikes* Things will get better =)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Blessed Father's Day

Jasmine at the background xD
Muffin ^^

Unconditional Love shown by my earthly father, how much more The Heavenly Father loves us =)

June Trip '10

Thank God for Daddy <3

Blessed Father's Day to all wonderful Dads in the world =)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Holiday spent in School Library

Our pyramid is in progress. It's not easy building it, saying is easier than doing.

The base is that "Big", small for some ppl =.=

As what I've blogged, members from other team came to help us, so kind of them =)

Su Yeian and Wei Ting wrapping the levels of pyramid with mahjong paper.

Kien Tian, our leader and Kah Seng


Almost there...

I should say it was an interesting day. Totally unprepared and unplanned. Suddenly I'm sitting in a stranger's car, heading to few places to get Pelaka paint, well, not a stranger anymore LOL. Literally went around town to get Pelaka. I'm grateful for all those who helped our Perasmian Grorup in many different ways =)

Tapao-ed here

The Hi-tech tool LOL

I totally understand my team member's feelings. We are tired and hungry after doing all these stuff. We barely have time to rest. Tired+hungry+Kim=mind blocked  

To my KH librarian dearies, it's not the librarian and library you thought it's like in Kwang Hua, totally different things so don't compare yea =) We always make our juniors talk to communicate because they are always so quiet LOL.

What happened here was, Not talking/talking=miscommunication

There came a point where we were totally doing unproductive work. That's the senior btw and the mind blocked us.Wun Shing (on the left), 1 of the helpful friends from other team. Classmate =)

Never mind about that, they took the credits and they deserved it. *skipskip*

Chee Yee, the other helpful one LOL Classmate =)

This is how we tie it

After One whole day, home, showered, settled down everything and the pay off

I have to confess...

I just HAVE TO...

here goes...


Doesn't seemed like a job, I enjoy it =) It doesn't give me stress at all, it actually lessens it! Tammy and Felicia <3 Nice cute funny active kids. Was invited by their mum to play Wii today with Tam's 2 Taiwanese school teachers who came for visit. How cool is that xD Of course, I finish my teaching first. Class ended early 'cuz they have some where to go.

4 game controllers, play gao gao!! =) Spot Tam's head LOL.

Went home, get my lunch then drove to school.

Let's work it! xD Kae Luen sleep also didn't let go of "the job"


The official colour mixer's hand. Took me a long time to wash it off before taking my lunch.

Appreciate the seniors who supervised our work and spent the holiday with us LOL.
More is about to come.

God bless, peeps <3

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Random pics: 
Cuts from my holiday LOL.

Got some cuts on my thumb but not obvious nor pain, I have thick finger skin from trying to play guitar and er...piano? xD

When I saw this, I actually LOL-Laugh Out Loud xD Tien Zhi's Dad on The Star newspaper! like I never see him before macam LOL. I miss my Kor =( My twitter (view right side bar) is spamming him x)

Had a DOWN day yesterday. Human mah, sure have Ups and Downs. I'm not always happy crazy siao even on my blog, Aaric once said I only blogged bout happy good stuff LOL. I don't easily get upset, but if I do get upset, it's really something serious I guess. But anyway, I'm fine now =) I just needed time to get used to certain things and situations.

Had a trial book processing thingy. I didn't quite do well in the Automation part, missed out 2 details but haha, I manage to finish wrapping my book! xD Sounds like a little achievement, a good start I guess =3

I don't like using blades, it cuts my thumb's skin somehow when I pick the tape up from the table. I hope I'll be careful enough not to cut any of my fingers. The senior who taught me how to wrap book (High School Klang style) is very geng and nice. "Ok? ok?? something liddet." LOL! xD

Stayed back til 5pm to do the Pyramid. Yea, skipped my piano class and yea, I don't even skip my piano class even when I'm really sick. We really got to get the job done ASAP. My team members are just so co-operative AND our fellow friends from other teams came to help us, so kind of them =)

Xiu Hong's been a kacau person so we taped his mouth, didn't last for long though LOL

Sneak peek of our Pyramid ^^

"Pyramid, we build this on a solid rock..." =) 

Wish us all the best yea. Another LONG day tomorrow..
Got to practice my piano ^^  Bach o Bach...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Missed my blanket and bed so much, didn't feel like waking up and go to school but I know it's important so forced myself to do so *yawn**blurblur*

Not a clear pic of tanned me LOL
pimpleS popped out =O

The road I use to go to STK was diverted, dad had to drive over the bridge, pass by Pin Hwa to get to STK. Ran when I got down of the car, thought I was LATE but I was not. If this happens in Kwang Hua Librarian Board, I would be punished dy if I'm a junior.

Perasmian Group at work =)

Blessed 19th wedding anniversary to my parents! =D
Cameron Highlands'10 taken by yours truly xD

Shakira totally rocked this song and FIFA world cup '10! =D

Monday, 14 June 2010

Hey peeps =)

I'm back from my 6 days holiday with my family! =) Really happy to receive text msgs from friends during my trip, the journey is loooonnngg. Tomorrow til Thursday, I need to go to school for Librarian course thingy, that's about what me holiday is. Thank God for keeping all of us safe and the house safe too ^^ My hand is itchy and I totally missed blogging, so for now, some pics!!! xD Loving the Olympus cam~

 The sea water in Perhentian Island is so clear *gives a serious look*

Aunt from Singapore got us each an underwater film cam! =D
This is mine *teehee*

Mun Yan dear lend me her Lomo. Aw~~
Told you the water is SO clear blue

Lomo meets underwater cam

Spent a lot of time in the water, my toenails got so soft and fragile that it peeled
peel off


Peeled! LOL

What a way to end a post xD You can't imgaine how tanned I am now xP

will update soon. Happy holidays peeps =)