Sunday, 27 June 2010

Awesome Friday! =)

"I've been super busy. Friday the worst, Seni Foto meeting, Christian Union, Ping Pong training and Library but the day got better... tell you later in another blog post =)" 
That's what I wrote in my previous post. Here goes~ ^^
*still new to the Olympus cam so bare with the blur shots first yea*

The invaders of STK xD
Eileen, Jinslin, Wei Yan and Tien Zhi

They went around Sekolah Tinggi Klang to check out the place I'm studying. Not for long though. Next thing, we were in Wei Yan's car. Fetched Jinslin back, she just got back from Nilai Inti college =)

On the way to Kwang Hua for Library AGM~~

Me and Tien Zhi Kor
You can't deny how much we looked alike =) and how much we love durians? xD So happy to see him again. He got back from NS (explains the botak-ness LOL) and it was a great experience for him.

Wei Yan, Yaw Xian, Tien Zhi and Eileen outside Kwang Hua Library

Okay, I literally snap pics ALL THE WAY into the library. Old times =) Went in the library, it was hard to keep the juniors from not screaming xD and not to mention, hugs all the way =) just in time for their group photo *teehee*

Library Love

Me and Su Li!
Time flies, she's in Form 2 =) and I miss the blue tie =3
*You can try searching their names using the search bar on the right hand side on the blog*

Tien Zhi is a potential model. Tall and slim like me LOL. It's his First time wearing the shirt I gave him for his birthday 'cuz he scare he'll stain it. Aw~

Chew Hau, the *new* President of Kwang Hua Librarian 2010/2011 =)

Shue Xin!

Sze Yeen!

AJK list 2010/2011

Let's do the Kerja Asas =)

LOL!!! xD

One of the places I missed MAX in Kwang Hua. A place where I love to go and music is heard even though the piano is not in a very good condition. *Woots~!*

Ah... Another Favorite lepak place xD I still remember we belanja one another drinks after our library duty.

The rest of the pics I've taken has been uploaded on my FB =)

The love so strong among us, we'll cherish for life. 

Library is more than just extra marks for your extra-curriculum, more than just books, more than just seniors and juniors, it's like family... that's what I can say. 

Why is school our second home? 'cuz we are in school for most of our time? I say no, it's because the ppl treat you like family and you treat them the same. Home =) And when I go through the posts I've blogged about library *click here*, memories just floods back =) Managed to catch up with the juniors and my librarian buddies =)

*I so loyal to my school, out of STK still wearing tie LOL*

Another hectic week ahead...