Monday, 14 June 2010

Hey peeps =)

I'm back from my 6 days holiday with my family! =) Really happy to receive text msgs from friends during my trip, the journey is loooonnngg. Tomorrow til Thursday, I need to go to school for Librarian course thingy, that's about what me holiday is. Thank God for keeping all of us safe and the house safe too ^^ My hand is itchy and I totally missed blogging, so for now, some pics!!! xD Loving the Olympus cam~

 The sea water in Perhentian Island is so clear *gives a serious look*

Aunt from Singapore got us each an underwater film cam! =D
This is mine *teehee*

Mun Yan dear lend me her Lomo. Aw~~
Told you the water is SO clear blue

Lomo meets underwater cam

Spent a lot of time in the water, my toenails got so soft and fragile that it peeled
peel off


Peeled! LOL

What a way to end a post xD You can't imgaine how tanned I am now xP

will update soon. Happy holidays peeps =)