Saturday, 19 June 2010

Holiday spent in School Library

Our pyramid is in progress. It's not easy building it, saying is easier than doing.

The base is that "Big", small for some ppl =.=

As what I've blogged, members from other team came to help us, so kind of them =)

Su Yeian and Wei Ting wrapping the levels of pyramid with mahjong paper.

Kien Tian, our leader and Kah Seng


Almost there...

I should say it was an interesting day. Totally unprepared and unplanned. Suddenly I'm sitting in a stranger's car, heading to few places to get Pelaka paint, well, not a stranger anymore LOL. Literally went around town to get Pelaka. I'm grateful for all those who helped our Perasmian Grorup in many different ways =)

Tapao-ed here

The Hi-tech tool LOL

I totally understand my team member's feelings. We are tired and hungry after doing all these stuff. We barely have time to rest. Tired+hungry+Kim=mind blocked  

To my KH librarian dearies, it's not the librarian and library you thought it's like in Kwang Hua, totally different things so don't compare yea =) We always make our juniors talk to communicate because they are always so quiet LOL.

What happened here was, Not talking/talking=miscommunication

There came a point where we were totally doing unproductive work. That's the senior btw and the mind blocked us.Wun Shing (on the left), 1 of the helpful friends from other team. Classmate =)

Never mind about that, they took the credits and they deserved it. *skipskip*

Chee Yee, the other helpful one LOL Classmate =)

This is how we tie it

After One whole day, home, showered, settled down everything and the pay off

I have to confess...

I just HAVE TO...

here goes...


Doesn't seemed like a job, I enjoy it =) It doesn't give me stress at all, it actually lessens it! Tammy and Felicia <3 Nice cute funny active kids. Was invited by their mum to play Wii today with Tam's 2 Taiwanese school teachers who came for visit. How cool is that xD Of course, I finish my teaching first. Class ended early 'cuz they have some where to go.

4 game controllers, play gao gao!! =) Spot Tam's head LOL.

Went home, get my lunch then drove to school.

Let's work it! xD Kae Luen sleep also didn't let go of "the job"


The official colour mixer's hand. Took me a long time to wash it off before taking my lunch.

Appreciate the seniors who supervised our work and spent the holiday with us LOL.
More is about to come.

God bless, peeps <3