Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Missed my blanket and bed so much, didn't feel like waking up and go to school but I know it's important so forced myself to do so *yawn**blurblur*

Not a clear pic of tanned me LOL
pimpleS popped out =O

The road I use to go to STK was diverted, dad had to drive over the bridge, pass by Pin Hwa to get to STK. Ran when I got down of the car, thought I was LATE but I was not. If this happens in Kwang Hua Librarian Board, I would be punished dy if I'm a junior.

Perasmian Group at work =)

Blessed 19th wedding anniversary to my parents! =D
Cameron Highlands'10 taken by yours truly xD

Shakira totally rocked this song and FIFA world cup '10! =D