Sunday, 6 June 2010

My 4th week in Form 6

Sick =( was having a lil sore throat.

I've got the letter for Ping Pong club's upcoming competition signed and approved *pats my own back* The seniors are kind enough =) Please support the competition, telematch and dedication yea =3

For librarian, My group decided to use pyramid as our open ceremony object but still haven't figure out how to construct it. Help? and the theme for STK's resource center's week is... you just got to wait x)

Inspired by this song =) I love how songs work out for ideas~

I still haven't remember everybody's name in my class. and yea, some ppl changed classes and some came in. Some 6A5 seniors came over during Maths S period on Friday. Great, I don't think I'll be good friends with Maths S =/ Jing Ni, who sits beside me Pro in Maths wey. Can borrow her homework and refer *teehee* For accounts, I enjoy it~xD but of course, at the beginning I was blur blur but after Mr Oon explain the question, I manage to understand and do it =) Finally, I paid for ALL the things listed on the Koperasi list yea, including the stuff I think it's unnecessary to buy from there.

Idk why Form 6 doesn't have text books and some teachers just LOVE to Read out notes fast and make us copy them down. I know it helps some students to understand better but Form 6 = Pre U, I don't think lecturers Read out notes and make Uni students copy 'em down lo. Why can't save the time by giving out notes beforehand, we study them and we ask questions when we don't understand? That way, we can cover up the easy topics fast and focus more on the hard ones. There are reference book available but for some subjects, according to some teachers, it has errors in it. I brought this issue up to my class teacher but I doubt she'll change her teaching method *sigh*

Went to Youth DG on Sat. Why politics isn't boring (somethingsomething I forgot =P). It's definitely good to voice out injustice. Who says 1 person can't make a difference? It's like everyone is driving on a highway and suddenly a car mati engine, I think that can cause a jam during peak hours. That's me imagining LOL.

Weather: Rainy
Outside my primary school =)

Grandma around = nice yummy food ^^ Yummy Chicken Pie.

Kwang Hua and STK had a combine CU activity on Friday =D
Guess what I ate for lunch?
Just so happy to be eating Kwang Hua food =) Went to the toilet to change up for Captain ball and met Chia Voon and Jia Wai there! So excited to see them. Hugged, chat in the toilet xD and off we go to do our stuff. Another comment saying I lost weight T.T Didn't play much of Captain ball but I can't wait to see the pics up on Kwang Hua CU blog! =) Why did the school chopped down the tree? T.T

Ke Lin and Tirzah are BACK from NS!!!!! =D I called Eileen and Mun Yan during the week just to catch up and hear their voice LOL. Atika texted =) She's doing great and she claims she saw a girl who looks like me without the specs LOL! Miss her =( Was surprised to receive an email from Chi Leng aka Joyce C. She haven't been blogging and it's good to hear from her personally =) Oh yea, Wei Yan said the way I miss ppl ain't special 'cuz I misses everyone lol? Everyone is special, rite? =) Alex started his job in Sunway Hotel~
Piano class~
Cassandra and Teacher Sophie =)

I've been working part time for 2 months now. Got my 2nd pay =D

Some pics anyone? =3
Taken after class

I love my job =)

I'm growing MORE white hairs but Most of my hair is still black and it doesn't affect my self esteem so lalalala~ xD It's just the genes la smart genes xP 

I've made my decision to stay in Form 6. For me, it has it's advantages like being able to keep my job and continue my piano lessons. I do know what I want to do. Music OR Accounting.

Music: Finish STPM, apply to enter local Uni
Accounting: Finish STPM, do ACCA after that.

No regrets. My parents don't want me to get into REAL working life so quickly LOL. Thank God for their support =)

Friendly Reminder: Grab a hat when you're out during the holidays, weather is hot =)

自爱不是自恋 xP

Enjoy your holidays peeps ^^