Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New family camera!

It was I who dropped and spoiled the old Samsung cam last year. My oh-so-gracious parents didn't make me pay back *aw~* Dad asked my opinion on cameras, he did some research too. Yesterday night, the whole bunch went to old JJ. I got a file for school and jalan-jalan a bit. When it's time to meet up my parents and go home, in the shopping trolley I saw a photo shop bag, inside was an Olympus cam! =D I still get to use it since it's a family cam LOL but there's a new policy-who breaks it, pays for it LOL. I guess with me getting an amount each month from my English and Piano lessons can cover the cost in case I er,,, you know =P Banked in $$$ into my account~

Pics!!!! xD I'm so excited. Pics taken after driving sis back from tuition.

A Ribena flower in the garden
It's really Ribena, try google-ing it =)

Wide lens~I don't need to stretch my hands so far to S.S. xD

Everyone IS EXCITED =)

What a way to start a holiday =) I hope you guys there are enjoying your holidays too ^^
God bless