Thursday, 17 June 2010

Random pics: 
Cuts from my holiday LOL.

Got some cuts on my thumb but not obvious nor pain, I have thick finger skin from trying to play guitar and er...piano? xD

When I saw this, I actually LOL-Laugh Out Loud xD Tien Zhi's Dad on The Star newspaper! like I never see him before macam LOL. I miss my Kor =( My twitter (view right side bar) is spamming him x)

Had a DOWN day yesterday. Human mah, sure have Ups and Downs. I'm not always happy crazy siao even on my blog, Aaric once said I only blogged bout happy good stuff LOL. I don't easily get upset, but if I do get upset, it's really something serious I guess. But anyway, I'm fine now =) I just needed time to get used to certain things and situations.

Had a trial book processing thingy. I didn't quite do well in the Automation part, missed out 2 details but haha, I manage to finish wrapping my book! xD Sounds like a little achievement, a good start I guess =3

I don't like using blades, it cuts my thumb's skin somehow when I pick the tape up from the table. I hope I'll be careful enough not to cut any of my fingers. The senior who taught me how to wrap book (High School Klang style) is very geng and nice. "Ok? ok?? something liddet." LOL! xD

Stayed back til 5pm to do the Pyramid. Yea, skipped my piano class and yea, I don't even skip my piano class even when I'm really sick. We really got to get the job done ASAP. My team members are just so co-operative AND our fellow friends from other teams came to help us, so kind of them =)

Xiu Hong's been a kacau person so we taped his mouth, didn't last for long though LOL

Sneak peek of our Pyramid ^^

"Pyramid, we build this on a solid rock..." =) 

Wish us all the best yea. Another LONG day tomorrow..
Got to practice my piano ^^  Bach o Bach...