Monday, 7 June 2010

Went to Mun Yan's house last night to get Form 6 books and notes from her sis =) I even got 2 huge slices of cheese cake from her *yummy~!* Pics? TER-DELETED T.T all of the pics in my phone actually, accidentally clicked the wrong button *sigh* nvm.

Kor is back from NS!!! and 'cuz of that, I just got to post this up...

Longman~! That's Tien Zhi's nickname btw.xD 

Spring clean my study area. Loads of junk LOL. Found this in the pile of paper.

Self-motivation =D
Remembering God's goodness for answering my prayers.

I guess I need to motivate myself to get studying every now and then.
God bless =)