Friday, 23 July 2010

A fun day out with the MPO

A very late post =P sorry peeps. I will be tweeting more than I blog =)

YUP! xD I totally enjoy watching the orchestra. When Angie told me that Toshiba is having an event and she can get free tickets, I was like YAY~! Nobody else from my DG went, I'm sure if Su Xian is here, she'll definitely want to go too. Right, su? =)

BOX! I can't even get the box ticket in the past performances, usually it's booked way earlier by some MAJOR orchestra fans I think LOL.

Look who's here? =)
Mun Yan!

Stop commenting 'cuz I'm into nerdie style =3 *random I know*

Sisters =)

No photography is allowed but since it was a Family Fun Day, they didn't stop us from taking some pics, just not taking pics of the orchestra =) That was how near we sat! Can see the WHOLE orchestra *excited*

Gerald Davis introduced the orchestral family to the audience, it's like a fun music lesson =) Totally love the pieces played by the MPO. Started off with Star Wars soundtrack *woots* Then there's Harry Porter, Mozart etc. (I have short term memory LOL) I've watched Kevin Field conduct the MYPO in Singapore last year =) I can really feel the music coming to life, if that makes sense LOL. It's my first time there for Family Fun Day. The hall was decorated nicely, even the light effects were on, slightly different compared to the "usual" shows.

I want to go AGAIN! =)