Saturday, 3 July 2010


Oh yea! I'm screaming already! xD This is an event NOT TO BE MISSED! I've been going for this event for 5 consecutive years. For those who have no idea what this event is, it's organized by ISCF (stands for Inter-school Christian Fellowship), yup, we, students organizing this event =) I was in the organizing committee last year, it's not easy organizing this event but with God's help and prayers from everyone who have been fasting and praying, Praise God, everything went as what God planned. 

I believe many are curious what Christianity is about, what Christians do etc. I can say most of you heard a lot of what ppl say bout Christianity and not by find it out yourself.
Chill chill, this is NOT a church event, it's held in Hin Hua school, EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! =) Take this as a chance to get to know what Christianity is, 1st hand info =) no pressure kays =)