Sunday, 25 July 2010


I'm gonna force my dearies to read this *evil grin* Ok lah, just joking. Take this as a catch up session k =) Everyone is busy. Form 6 life ain't easy. (it actually rhymes xD) I'm still getting used to it.

Kem Integrasi. Met new people and people I've seen before but never get to know them.

6B5. Classmates. I actually love my class =) just that I'm struggling with Maths S. You know how I failed my add maths BADLY last time LOL.

And for extra curricular activities..
I've joined Ping Pong Club, Photography Club, Librarian and Christian Union. 

A random pic:
I think the last time I really played Ping Pong was during my Primary School years. I guess Form 6 gave me this opportunity to grab my racket and whack the Ping Pong balls again LOL.Another thing I didn't know about Form 6 is that we actually need to be interviewed to get a post in the club. About the AGMs, hmm..  it's kinda hard to describe but I told Jia Yee about it, it was surprising to her, yes GT? xD I better blog this down and in the future give this advice to my juniors LOL. For my case, I wasn't prepared at all for this *sigh*

If you've been reading the papers, yes, they tried to close down High School Klang's CU, Buddhist Society and Hindu Society. But Thank God, after all the drama, we are back! =)

Prom Night at KEC
Siew Lye and I

Haha, I know I know, Leng Lui beside me ^^ She's someone I can stick with in Library, during recess or anytime possible LOL. Classmates have their own gang, Library is full of strangers or familiar strangers... IDK what I'm saying blah... She have her own friends and I'm glad I get to know them as well =)

Of course, things are different compared to Kwang Hua. It's like the Lib peeps, CU peeps, Taman Rashna peeps etc. are the same peeps LOL? Ke Lin for example, she's everywhere. Now we are in the same school but the time we meet up is so short, if compared to last time. Doesn't mean I make new friends I won't have time for my dearies, you all are always loved by me =) I'll try to stop comparing, just not nice...

It takes time to find someone who sees me like how you do. Proud, unsociable, loner... is that me?