Sunday, 25 July 2010

Wen Ping is back! Time for a Gathering =)

After 6 months in Aussie, Wen Ping is back for a visit! The girls took this opportunity to have a gathering. We went to the same Bak Kut Teh place for Eileen's Farewell =)
All pics taken have been posted on my FB =) 
I seriously need to bring my tripod along next time LOL.

The girls~ Missing Ke Lin, Yue Wan, Fiona and me LOL.

The gift from us to Wen Ping <3

Wen Ping's LG Lollipop~! *goes crazy*

The blue color somehow reminds me of Kor... We the blue crazies. I adore the B.L.U.E. :D
Sleepy me =3

At Kuan Yuan LOL

A Big Thank You to the girls! Had fun catching up with all of you. You all made my day.. or should I say, you all brightened up my week. It's been a tiring week, physically and emotionally. Might talk about that later in my posts ba. I'm looking forward to our next gathering and I promise I won't FFK again unless it's a MAJOR IMPORTANT reason. You all are so kind to understand =) Cat, we'll tag you in the photos =) You are always on our mind xD

Something just feels missing without all of you around me..