Friday, 9 July 2010


I'm so sorry peeps, been very busy and still busy. Chi Leng even asked why I can still be blogging actively xP Won't be blogging too often from now. Parents :O

I'm back from a 2 days 1 night 1 Malaysia school camp. Long story but I do enjoy it =) I must have not touched the cam for so long, battery down even before anything started :P I love my class =)

Friends like this makes me LOL
at Taman Rakyat while waiting for 2nd batch of peeps to arrive
Photo credits to Chien Yi

Many ppl skipped school today but I went to school anyway to get interviewed by my Librarian Seniors. Doing my very best, at least that's what I think. Ain't easy, 1 of the seniors interviewed me for almost an hour :O

Are you going for ISCF rally? =D

oh yea, I'm still tanned LOL.Till next time, peeps! ^^ Orchestra tomorrow!!! <3