Monday, 30 August 2010


After school, I went to Mun Yan's house to hang out. Mun Yan, the ever super driver <3 We dropped by Eileen's house to send milk~! Had a short chat with Aunty =) At Mun Yan's place, *woots* P-I-A-N-O! Not 1 but 2!!! 1 upright and 1 Grand Piano. I want to stay with her dy xD Helped to maintain the piano's quality but playing it :D

SS-ed with Mun Yan and to prepare for Yuyu's birthday. We recorded vids for the first time =) That was a day before cammie was stolen in school. *sigh* That explains why I was sad. The pics and vids gone.. So sorry Yuyu, I hope you like the present we Poslaju-ed it all the way to AIMST for you =)

Some pics to share =)

Crazy ppl have Crazy friends, agree~!

Picture perfect =)

This post suppose to be yours, but without a recent pic of us, I still owe you, yuyu~! *prove* at the end of post

Happy 18th Birthday! WE MISS YOU

Take care =) 
Love, Dearies

Sunday, 29 August 2010

I.don' Tadah~ that's a title xD

Updates of my Form 6 life. 
Interesting? For you, it might be boring but hey, Ini blog saya xD

I totally appreciate ppl who understands. Thank you to all peeps for your concern and wishes, I'm fine, huge thanks to you all again =) Ke Lin's lil note and choc *aw~~* I don't want to be reminded that I lost my cammie. Questions like "Why you bring your cam?" "Next time don't leave valuable stuffs in class" are totally unnecessary, I don't need another adviser. 

Monday assembly made me so speechless. There was a theft in Class 6B8 on Saturday morning and no one knew about it! MORNING! When was cammie stolen? Recess time.swt. I didn't even know about the 1st and 2nd theft in 6B4 that happened some time ago. This time was their 3rd time being robbed. The peeps whose wallet were stolen found their wallet around the school compound with their IC, license etc. money of course gone. No sign of my memory card LOL.

Random: these "borrowers" are good at spot-checking. Before any real spot check, some how we got the news LOL?

Pics time =)

RnD mates and Mr Oon, the accounts teacher

Jing Ni who sits beside me in class, Me and Swee Ching. Both of them are good at Maths =)

Beng Ghee, the class monitor. He's like a class photographer =)

Photo credits: Beng Ghee
Saturday lunch with pals before hunting for venues to have MP (Farewell Party) for seniors.

Chee Hong, Beng Ghee's sayang xD A helpful and humorous friend. I'll sit beside him if I start to fish and if Beng Ghee or Wun Shing is away. He blogs~!

Anybody miss my cam phone shots? xP
Bad reso, so sorry for ruining your faces leh.

Chee Hong and Yan Jun at the back.

Beng Ghee

AHAHAHAHA~! Andy xD opsie xP

Time to introduce Photography clubs Nikon D3000... *drum rolls*

We named it BABY~!
Totally love the guide mode, it teaches you how to snap cool pics =) Sakit hati when ppl use Baby to spam. I hope we all get to use Baby the DSLR way, not the digital cam way, makes sense? Sorry baby, my cam phone make you so weird-like.

Outside the Library, you'll see shoes on the roof. No joking.

The Library bosses~! Wen Ying and Kien Tian

Siblings at Genting. Awana Genting's wifi rocks!

Hotel hopping with my family again soon. Hint: 1 of my fave hotels =)
Take care peeps =)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Dug my photo album and found this...

Taken in 2007. 
When I officially became a Kwang Hua Librarian :D

Happy me ^^ I was so SS, even more SS compared to now xD. That's Samsung cammie btw and I spoiled it LOL. I lost Oly cammie, I did miss it but hey, I'm fine =)

Happy holidays peeps =)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The lost of cammie

Didn't want to go to school 'cuz so many ppl went to Famine 30, some chose tuition over replacement class.



When Recess ended...

I went back to my place, before I sat down, I saw Chui Yeng's bag on the table. Zip opened. "eh?!" Chui Yeng came in and searched inside her bag. "my purse... It's gone." I searched my bag... "cammie?!"  

Fact: First time in 17+ years, I was robbed.
3 out of 4 girls in the row where I sat got robbed, 6B4 and some other classes too. 6B4 locked their class but the "borrowers" manage to come in through the windows by removing the glass. Shocking huh? Some ppl lost their Wallet, IC, ATM card and driving license inside, calculator (yea, like ?!) etc. For the rest of the schooling hours, we didn't have the mood to study. We went to report to teacher, but what can they do?

What's done is done. I'm not blaming anyone. Well, it was I who brought cammie to school in the first place. I was calm. Classmates were a lil worried. I was calm kays LOL. I'm not trying to fake feelings, but if I cry, things won't change much, I will only get swollen eyes in the end LOL.

The hard part was to tell my parents about it. I spoiled the Samsung cam, We got the Olympus cam just recently and now I lost it. Thank God, they were forgiving =)

I was hoping to get back my memory card, my memories sigh. Anyway, the person who "accidentally" took it don't have the charger nor the skills to operate cammie. Most ppl were like"You know what will happen if we caught you", I'm like "return my memory card, I forget bout the incident, won't question further, I'll take it as you borrow stuff from me without asking" win-win situation. swt I know, but the more we threaten to get them, the more we won't be able to give them a real lesson of a lifetime that will change them. Sounds impossible but I don't want to study in an environment that I have to be so cautious of these "borrowers". Do we need to carry our bags around when we go for recess? I don't want to. It's not too late for them to surrender, it's too late when they grow up to be better "borrowers" and make their name on the newspaper. Pity them somehow.

Had MacD with a bunch of friends after school, that helped me cheer up abit =) and the FB comments, thanks =) No point scolding the peeps who took our stuff, not worth it.

sigh... no more "extra" activities for me... well, long long story. Form 6 life.

No pics in this blog post... so not me huh? LOL.

God bless =)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

My lil sunshine during the storm

Was stressed, no particular reasons//various reasons. I don't really show it out until I reached my maximum and can't take it anymore. It's like what happened during Librarian Telematch, ntg ntg ntg den when I reached my max den *kaboom* (LOL so dramatic macam) okay okay, not many ppl knew about this, not even my parents. I'm human kays. So yea, when I reached my max, I just got to get everything out and calmed down. Today was one of the times. Mun Yan and Eileen wanted to come over to visit but I told them not to, parents thought I didn't want to go out 'cuz I want to go out with the friends swt. Home alone. Calming down then...


Found this at my house gate

semua yellow except for the HL milk xD

I can really grow fat with you all <3 You came without me knowing *surprised, touched* Thanks a bunch, my beautiful post ladies? LOL. This means a lot to me =) *speechless* I'll be strong. I don't need a reason to miss you, dearies. I want to see you all soon!!! =)

It's exactly a month before I turned 18. According to Gary, 14th is the best day to be born in LOL xD. IDK, but I love 14, lucky number or something LOL.

God bless =)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

My first *official* post for STK CU

Hey peeps =) If you've noticed, there's a section on the right side bar that says "I owe you bloggie", yup, I owe bloggie a lot. My week overall has been great, praise God =) STK CU IS BACK~! who will have thought that the school which the papers mentioned (High School Klang) is my school, when I told Uncle Phua *click* about that, he was like "really?!". He was formerly a principal so he knows all the rules etc. LOL. but anyway, we all are glad that the CU is back =)

There weren't any interview or anything like other clubs had in order to choose the new committee. The new board was out. CU AGM was on the SAME day as Librarian AGM and yeap, for the 2nd time in my life I missed CU AGM. Serving in Kwang Hua CU has been a great experience for me. Thank God for the new STK CU committees 2010/2011 =)

President: Kimberly Yong
Vice Pres:Shinh Nian
Secretary: Ke Lin
Vice Secretary: En Tze
Treasurer: Jia Ling
Praise and Worship Coordinator: Eng Hock

CU Activity 6/8/2010
Birthday Celebration and Rally sharing
I know, I really need to practice taking clear pics LOL random pics is <3

Games- Scissors paper stone :D 
I actually liked it LOL

*yummy expressions*

Cake :D

Happy face Eng Hock LOL
Well, many other stuff happened this week. I've started my first ever tuition of the year-Maths S tuition. I miss my dearies ='( Kor kor Oon Ee is getting marry~!!!! *excited* Talk to you soon peeps =)

Friday, 6 August 2010

Snoozing? ISCF RALLY 2010

I have NO IDEA how to edit my photos into something nicer like some blogs have LOL. Back to the topic =), it's my 6th Rally!!!! *still excited* Some pics to share with you =)

Gary =)


Went home to shower, get some rest and.. just can't help it xD

ISCF Rally 20102

The ushers~! *woots*
Don't you think the shirt rocks? Lester did a good job designing it =)

Glad to see Cho Jet there. He said my eyes are getting bigger..Contacts lah LOL. One day, he went up to my sis and said:"Hi, can I ask you a question? Do you have a sister named Kimberly?"  We looked alike according to him LOL. Potential FB profile pic of him below xD

Met so many familiar faces there, didn't get to snap a pic with every single one of them though but I just want to say, thanks for coming =)

Hin Hua Auditorium

Pang, Andy and Me. Thanks for coming even though there's last minute arrangements. And thanks for screaming for STK x) Really great to have you two here =)

The event =)

Get ready for the Kwang Hua peeps~! I amWe are super S.S. xD *woots* Like senior like junior LOL
ISCF Rally 2010

Matt and Su Mei who were in the sketch. Awesome performance =)
ISCF Rally 20101

Me, Gary, Su Li, Ru Min, Yin Whei and Sarah

Look who's here =)

Alex Yong~!!!! 
It's like he's getting fairer and I'm getting darker wey LOL. What a pleasant surprise for him to make me play the guessing game LOL. I still owe you a surprise, bro! yea, my bro LOL. You are full of surprises LOL.

Su Lin came! She can carry me up :O I'm that light. Awesome night. I know, I'm out of words, it's just awesome to be a part of the rally where CUs from Klang schools come together for what we believe in =) Again, this is NOT a church event, it's an event brought to you by Inter-school Christian Fellowship aka ISCF. Students *woots* Praise God =) Looking forward to the next rally :D

Take care, peeps.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Everything To Me-Avalon

Take time to listen to this song. It's like a song related to me and I'm dedicating it to you =) Okay, I wanted to highlight some parts of the song but the WHOLE song is my message to you =)

I grew up in Sunday school
I memorized the Golden Rule
And how Jesus came to set the sinner free
I know the story inside out
I can tell you all about
...The path that led Him up to Calvary
But ask me why He loves me
And I don't know what to say
But I'll never be the same
Because He changed my life when He became...

Everything to me
He's more than a story
More than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breathe
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything, everything to me

We're living in uncertain times
And more and more I find that I'm aware
Of just how fragile life can be
I want to tell the world I found
A love that turned my life around
They need to know that they can taste and see
Now every day I'm praying
Just to give my heart away
I want to live for Jesus
So that someone else might see that He is...

Everything to me
He's more than a story
More than words on a page of history
He's the air that I breathe
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
He's everything
And looking back over my life at the end
I'll go to meet You saying You've been

You're everything to me
You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history You're everything to me
You're more than a story
More than words on a page of history
You're the air that I breathe
The water I thirst for
And the ground beneath my feet
You're everything
Lord, You're everything to me

ISCF RALLY 2010 post is coming up soon =) sorry peeps, really busy. Let's say Dad works from 9am-5pm, my schooling hours cum Extra-curricular activities is longer than that :O
More ppl commenting that I'm growing thinner *yikes* I promise I'll take care, I do eat, I think it's the stress hm... Talk to you soon, peeps ^^