Monday, 30 August 2010


After school, I went to Mun Yan's house to hang out. Mun Yan, the ever super driver <3 We dropped by Eileen's house to send milk~! Had a short chat with Aunty =) At Mun Yan's place, *woots* P-I-A-N-O! Not 1 but 2!!! 1 upright and 1 Grand Piano. I want to stay with her dy xD Helped to maintain the piano's quality but playing it :D

SS-ed with Mun Yan and to prepare for Yuyu's birthday. We recorded vids for the first time =) That was a day before cammie was stolen in school. *sigh* That explains why I was sad. The pics and vids gone.. So sorry Yuyu, I hope you like the present we Poslaju-ed it all the way to AIMST for you =)

Some pics to share =)

Crazy ppl have Crazy friends, agree~!

Picture perfect =)

This post suppose to be yours, but without a recent pic of us, I still owe you, yuyu~! *prove* at the end of post

Happy 18th Birthday! WE MISS YOU

Take care =) 
Love, Dearies