Sunday, 29 August 2010

I.don' Tadah~ that's a title xD

Updates of my Form 6 life. 
Interesting? For you, it might be boring but hey, Ini blog saya xD

I totally appreciate ppl who understands. Thank you to all peeps for your concern and wishes, I'm fine, huge thanks to you all again =) Ke Lin's lil note and choc *aw~~* I don't want to be reminded that I lost my cammie. Questions like "Why you bring your cam?" "Next time don't leave valuable stuffs in class" are totally unnecessary, I don't need another adviser. 

Monday assembly made me so speechless. There was a theft in Class 6B8 on Saturday morning and no one knew about it! MORNING! When was cammie stolen? Recess time.swt. I didn't even know about the 1st and 2nd theft in 6B4 that happened some time ago. This time was their 3rd time being robbed. The peeps whose wallet were stolen found their wallet around the school compound with their IC, license etc. money of course gone. No sign of my memory card LOL.

Random: these "borrowers" are good at spot-checking. Before any real spot check, some how we got the news LOL?

Pics time =)

RnD mates and Mr Oon, the accounts teacher

Jing Ni who sits beside me in class, Me and Swee Ching. Both of them are good at Maths =)

Beng Ghee, the class monitor. He's like a class photographer =)

Photo credits: Beng Ghee
Saturday lunch with pals before hunting for venues to have MP (Farewell Party) for seniors.

Chee Hong, Beng Ghee's sayang xD A helpful and humorous friend. I'll sit beside him if I start to fish and if Beng Ghee or Wun Shing is away. He blogs~!

Anybody miss my cam phone shots? xP
Bad reso, so sorry for ruining your faces leh.

Chee Hong and Yan Jun at the back.

Beng Ghee

AHAHAHAHA~! Andy xD opsie xP

Time to introduce Photography clubs Nikon D3000... *drum rolls*

We named it BABY~!
Totally love the guide mode, it teaches you how to snap cool pics =) Sakit hati when ppl use Baby to spam. I hope we all get to use Baby the DSLR way, not the digital cam way, makes sense? Sorry baby, my cam phone make you so weird-like.

Outside the Library, you'll see shoes on the roof. No joking.

The Library bosses~! Wen Ying and Kien Tian

Siblings at Genting. Awana Genting's wifi rocks!

Hotel hopping with my family again soon. Hint: 1 of my fave hotels =)
Take care peeps =)